Outlast: Release Date and New Screens

There are many games that provide different emotions to the player. Games that make us sad, games that make us happy and then there are those games that just scare the living hell out of you. Those games have come few and far between in recent times. Resident Evil has kind of lost its touch in the scare department, Dead Space became quite a lot more action focused and the Slender game has long been forgotten. Enter Outlast, the new game to scare us all to death. Now we know the release date and have another few screens to get us ready for the inevitable fear and possible nightmares that are ahead.

See our interview with Philippe Morin, Outlast developer and co-founder of the development team behind the game, Red Barrels.

The news of a release date came through a press release. Here is the official announcement: “Red Barrels announced today that its darkest brainchild, survival horror experience Outlast will be available on September 4, 2013 for digital download on Steam for $19.99.” “The industry veterans at the ten-person indie studio Red Barrels have created a game that traps players in the uncomfortable space between fear and intrigue.new screenshots show a blood filled room and your character strapped to a chair with a creepy looking man about to cut you up! Enjoy.




Outlast is the first game from Red Barrels, a developer made up of industry veterans with experience on such games as Uncharted and Assassin’s Creed. Players will control Miles Upshur, a reporter who is tipped off about something odd going on in the Mount Massive Asylum and, as usual for a horror game, things just go a bit wrong (to say the least).

Outlast is also set to release next year for the PlayStation 4 next generation console. But if you can’t wait to play it as soon as you possibly can, PC will be the only option.