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Video Game Villains Who are Really the Heroes

Nothing makes a game more fun than a villain.  Let’s face it: video game villains are just great whether they’re unrepentingly evil or have a tragic back story that makes all the mass murder okay.  But there are some villains that aren’t that bad.  There are some who are pretty sympathetic, who, if you honestly think about it, have a good reason for acting the way they do.  I mean in some ways the player is the bad guy for interfering in their affairs.  Here are some of those so-called villains.

king dedede
King Dedede (Nightmare in Dream Land)

His highness has gotten a pretty bad rap over the years as a villain in the Kirby series but in Nightmare in Dream Land I argue that really Kirby was in the wrong.  At first when Kirby goes off to stop him, King Dedede had stolen the Star Rod from the Fountain of Dreams and broke it into pieces allowing him to control the fountain and preventing the denizens of Dream Land from well… dreaming.

However we later discover that by ‘heroically’ reassembling the Star Rod, we prevented King Dedede from completing a courageous act. A nightmare had infested the Fountain and was about to infiltrate the dreams of country’s citizens through the Rod. By breaking up the Star Rod, King Dedede was protecting the entire population from the nightmare. Kirby had to go back out and confront the boss on King Dedede’s orders to make up for his mistake.  By assuming that King Dedede was in the wrong Kirby almost doomed the populace to an eternity of Freddy Kreuger dreams.


Merlina (Sonic and the Black Knight)

Okay so yes, she does double-cross Sonic after recruiting him to defeat an evil King Arthur and then claims Excalibur’s Scabbard for herself.  But hear me out because Merlina had good reasons for her actions.  As it turns out she had foreseen the end of Camelot and all the tragedy that would happen so she intended to use the power in the Scabbard to create an immortal kingdom and prevent that from happening.  By not listening to her and proclaiming a lack of interest in the explanation, Sonic defeats her and dooms Camelot to ruin.  After she’s been beaten Sonic then lectures Merlina that wanting to save the population of the Kingdom was selfish and that because sad things happen we have to live life in the fullest.  Because children sometimes you just have to let thousands of innocent people die. Ladies and gentlemen, our hero.


Scorpion (Mortal Kombat series)

The Mortal Kombat franchise has been around for a long time so it’s understandable that people have forgotten that in the Mortal Kombat universe, when we talk about the rivalry between Scorpion and Sub Zero, Sub Zero is the bad buy.

In the original storyline Scorpion is completely justified in his hatred for Sub-Zero, not only was he murdered by the iceman but so was his family and his entire clan.  The yellow outfit that he wears is to mock his enemy’s cowardice.  Really we should all be wearing team Scorpion t-shirts.  Of course I should mention that now it’s Quan Chi that murdered Scorpion and his people, but the point still stands.


Aliens (Half-Life)

Yes, they’re trying to kill humanity but I can almost guarantee that we probably started it.  Let’s look at the fact that they were ripped out of their home dimension by the resonance cascade and dropped on Earth.  What would be humanity’s first reaction?  I highly doubt that we’d give them flowers.  Nope, our reaction, at least in the Half-Life verse, was probably Kill IT WITH FIRE!  So yeah, I can’t be mad at them.


Nathan Sheridan (Fracture)

According to the game, Nathan Sheridan deserves to die because he’s a general in the enemy army.  But if you look a little closer, really the player should be on his side.  Sheridan’s daughters died of a genetic disorder that only gene therapy could have cured.  He defected to the west because genetic research was banned by the eastern half of the United States.  If his daughters had survived six more weeks after his defection than they would have lived because a cure was discovered in the west.  He rose through the ranks of the military in the west and pushed forward genetic research and because of his efforts the west become prosperous and healthy.

Then the eastern half of the United States declared that any citizen who was genetically altered, no matter what the reason, had no human rights due to the modifications to their DNA.  The west then declared sovereignty and the east responded by declaring war.  But somehow we’re supposed to play on the east’s totally wrong side.  And a good man like Sheridan is punished.

And that’s it. My short list of bad guys who, if you think about it, are actually pretty good.  But there are a lot of games in the world so if you feel as though I missed someone important then feel free to add them.

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