StarCraft II Pro Gamer Spotlight: STX INnoVation

Lee ‘INnoVation’ Shin Hyung is on every StarCraft II professional’s hit list in the summer of 2013, after claiming the title of WCS Season 1 Champion in early June. The world-class Terran player’s road to glory included top finishes at several global events, and he looks to make an even bigger splash as WCS Season 2 kicks into high gear. Rarely stepping outside his home country of Korea, INnoVation is building a fan base around the world with his recent high-profile wins and impressive repertoire.

INnoVation plays for STX Seoul, and has since his career began. He started off as a live-in practice partner in the STX house, methodically honing his skills by serving as cannon fodder for top Korean pros in StarCraft:BroodWar. He was considered an up-and-comer in Wings of Liberty, but couldn’t secure a large victory to propel his career into the spotlight of Korea’s GSL Code S until the latest expansion. INnovation took full advantage of the release of Heart of the Swarm, finding the new balance of mechanics and meta-strategy perfectly suited to his style.
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In an interview with Team Liquid, STX INnoVation said that his dream of becoming a pro gamer began in seventh grade, when he watched his hero Nada play at major events. He shared that solid mechanics and fundamentals are his keys to victory, claiming that Heart of the Swarm allows him greater opportunities to multi-task and find advantageous engagements. INnoVation takes on his own strategic planning before big events, preferring not to take the last-minute advice of teammates and coaches.

INnoVation is currently Rank #1 in the World Championship Series globally, with 4,600 WCS points for 2013 so far. To see the current champion in action for yourself, check out my coverage of the WCS Season 1 Finals, which includes a link to the VoD’s of INnoVation vs. SoulKey in the Grand Finals match on
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Notable Accomplishments
2013 WCS Season 1 Grand Champion
2nd place finisher in 2013 WCS Season 1 Korea GSL
3rd/4th place finisher in 2012 GSL Season 5
3rd place finisher in 2013 MLG Winter Championship
15/5 starting record in Korea for Heart of the Swarm

Notable Quote
“This Season One Final championship isn’t the end. I can keep winning, and I will work hard to become a player that can win the Blizzcon finals at the end of the year.” – TeamLiquid interview with INnoVation