North America League Championship Series Summer Split Week 6 Recap

With week 6 firmly in in the books, the Summer Split of the North America League Championship Series continues.

(Underline signifies winner)

Day 1 – Thursday 7/18/13

Match 1 – Cloud 9 vs. TSM

This game perfectly summed up why Cloud 9 is dominating the Summer Split so far in the NA LCS.  First blood went to Cloud 9 when Rumble managed to turn a 2v1 gank into his favor by laying down a perfect Equalizer.  From there, Cloud 9 snowballed their lead into a relatively easy 25 minute victory.

Match 2 – Curse vs. Team Coast

Although Curse had a minor gold lead throughout most of the game, Team Coast took a slight advantage when they stole Baron with the combined burst power of Gragas and Lux.  Unfortunately, this steal wasn’t enough to completely turn the tide, as Curse took their time and slowly lengthened the game.  They eventually took the win 46 minutes in.

Match 3 – Vulcun vs. Dignitas

Vulcun implemented a double AD carry strategy this match, with Ezreal in the mid lane and Kog’Maw in the bot lane.  Luckily for Vulcun, the plan unfolded beautifully as Ezreal and Kog’Maw went a combined 17/2/14.  Dignitas was unable to cope with two fed AD carries and succumbed quickly.

Match 4 – CLG vs. Velocity eSports

Velocity eSports had a substantial kill lead over the entire game, but CLG kept it extremely close in terms of gold due to their exceptional minion farming.  But VES’s AD carry maplestreet went a perfect 11/0/5 with his Varus and carried his team to a grueling 51 minute victory.

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Day 2 – Friday 7/19/13

Match 5 – Team Coast vs. TSM

The turning point of this match was when TSM made a bold move to get Baron only 20 minutes into the game.  With some of Team Coast’s members scattered across the map, TSM took Baron and eventually the win 30 minutes in.

Match 6 – Cloud 9 vs. Curse

Cloud 9 had two great tools this match: Ashe’s arrow for engage, and Zyra’s ultimate for disengage.  With these two moves at their disposal, Cloud 9 started teamfights on their own terms.  Curse tried to get their Tryndamere farmed, but Cloud 9’s overwhelming team power was too much for Curse to handle.

Match 7 – Dignitas vs. CLG

Dignitas’ support Patoy was superb this game.  With Sona, he landed perfect ultimates that would stun CLG’s highest damage dealers, making them sitting ducks for Dignitas to take out.  By destroying CLG’s inhibitors, Dignitas had CLG’s base overrun with super minions, and even coming out even in a teamfight turned out to be detrimental for CLG because they had so many creeps to deal with.  Dignitas took the 33 minute win.

Match 8 – Velocity eSports vs. Vulcun

Vulcun again went with the double AD carry composition of Ezreal and Kog’Maw, but it wasn’t as effective this time.  VES’s new mid laner Ecco picked Twisted Fate and made his presence felt with TF’s global pressure.  Although VES is at the bottom of the standings, they sure didn’t look like it this match, and secured in the win a dominating fashion.

Standings after Week 6:

1. Cloud 9 (15-2)

2. Vulcun (11-6)

3. TSM (8-9)

4. Dignitas (8-9)

5. CLG (8-9)

6. Curse (7-10)

7. Team Coast (7-10)

8. Velocity eSports (4-13)