Nintendo Should Buy Atlus and Here’s Why

By now fans of the Persona series or Shin Megami Tensei are aware that Atlus’ parent company is not only in major financial trouble but legal trouble as well.  While Atlus itself is a moneymaker the parent company, Index Corporation has found itself in a THQ style situation and is on the verge of splitting up.

Index Corporation declared bankruptcy in late June in the wake of accusations that they had committed accounting fraud.  They are in fact a large holding company whose holdings range from Atlus to movie and anime studios, a soccer team, and they also have a telecommunication infrastructure.  Index Corporation just has their fingers in a little bit of everything, however it seems as though due to some shady business practices that those holdings will suffer.  Due to the accounting fraud and impending bankruptcy, Index Corporation’s stock will be delisted on July 28th and bidding on their properties will start next week.  While it isn’t clear which of their holdings will be up for sale, it’s pretty logical to assume that Atlus will be on on the block.

 Now I can’t speak for which companies are interested in buying from Index Corporation, but I do know that I hope Nintendo throws their hat in the ring.  Why wouldn’t they? Atlus and Nintendo have been pretty close in recent years with new collaborations like Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem and Trauma Center.  While Atlus has been heavily linked to Sony with the Persona series, Sony doesn’t necessarily have the funds to spare to acquire them but Nintendo does.

 Buying Atlus would also help Nintendo expand with new ips, something that they’ve been moving forward with when they partnered with Platinum Games.  Nintendo desperately needs more third party developers to churn out great and diverse content to support their current console, the Wii U, and future consoles.

 When you really think about it or at least when I think about, most major gaming companies just aren’t interested in Atlus.  Microsoft and other Western companies just aren’t interested in the JRPG genre, Square Enix couldn’t afford to get into a bidding war, and Sony isn’t really in the right financial position until they shore up PS4 sales.  Right now Nintendo not only has the funds but they also have the drive and the need.

 Now until the sale happens, Atlus will continue their normal operations. So until next week we won’t hear any official announcements about what companies might throw their hat in the ring.  But like I said, don’t be surprised if we hear news that Nintendo is in it to win it.