Could a Batman Vs. Superman Video Game Tie In Work?

We have now officially got word that, at the San Diego Comic Con, Warner Bros. have announced what is sure to be one of the most anticipated films of all time. Yes, Batman Vs. Superman is actually going to happen, after all this time of being hinted at. I still remember that big tease on the I Am Legend billboard and believing them! But now that we know that this is coming, there is speculation. Not much attention has been payed to the video game side of things. Could Warner Bros. get a Superman game to work in tandem with a good Batman game? Could we finally see a good movie game tie in?

First, the right developer must be chosen. While there is a Batman game due out this year, it is not being created by Rocksteady, meaning they are busy with something else. Something more important than an Arkham prequel. Could they be the developer who is brought in to take on the challenge of Superman AND Batman in one go. If anyone has the superhero pedigree in gaming it is them after all.

A problem for the developers (Rocksteady or otherwise) would be how to set the tie in. Some movie game tie ins start before the film itself as a sort of prologue while others choose the same story as the film. Another option is (surprise!) the epilogue route.


Focusing on the characters, Superman games have never been that good. There is the difficulty from the outset that he is all-powerful. How can you make a game about a guy who can take unlimited bullets in the face and not have been affected even slightly? How could you successfully show off his powers when technology does not allow you to build a whole world to play in at Superman’s speed (faster than the speed of light)? You can’t, plain and simple. Bring in small amounts of Kryptonite however, and the playing field changes slightly. It is a valid way of saying “Hey, it is impossible to fully show his powers, but using this we can give you a good video game experience without sacrificing EVERYTHING that Superman can do.” It weakens him to the point that he is a viable playable character. Superman is the superhero that resonates through to every generation and it would be the first step if they can convey his emotions into a game.


Batman has had a good run in both films and games recently. Since Christopher Nolan took the reigns of the films, they have become more and more popular with the larger audiences to the point where it passed $1 billion for the final film. In games, Warner Bros. hit the jackpot with the aforementioned UK-Based Rocksteady Games. The developer was a perfect fit for Batman, managing to weave an interesting story featuring some of the best characters and keeping true to Batman, even using some of the famous voice actors for the main roles, in Arkham Asylum. Added onto this was the proper gaming mainstays like upgrades, collectibles and great controls combined with breathtaking graphics. Following the critical and commercial success of Arkham Asylum, they created Arkham City, which was a great follow up that expanded the game in ever respect while maintaining the things that made the first great. An easy way for them to get Batman into a game successfully is to use these games’ features in the movie tie in. Batman would finally come alive in a video game tie in. How could Batman fight Superman, or any of Superman’s super powerful villains? Well, using all his brains against their brawn. That part is important for any Superman / Batman story.


Let us hope that we don’t just get one of those awful mobile games that we got this year with Iron Man 3 and the Man of Steel games. Make an effort guys!!!!

What do you think? Could a tie in work? Or could it just be another movie game disaster?