The Best of Steam Summer Sales Part 1

It’s summer! Well, not for me, but for you Northerners it is, so here is a look at some of the best deals of the Steam Summer Sales so far.

Grand Theft Auto IV -75%


A true marvel and brilliant addition to the GTA series. Be sure to pick this up at -75% off for $12.49 if you haven’t played it already. This is also a good time to play through the antics of Niko Bellic since GTA V is coming out in a little under two months.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition -75%


For a pittance of $5 you can pick up The Witcher 2 which is a fantastic fantasy RPG with a much more mature and dark story unlike anything gamers are really that accustomed to.

Do be aware that the game is a whopping 25GB of space though.

Alan Wake -90%


Alan Wake has some design problems but it doesn’t make it less of an intense game. Nor a fun one. For only $2.99 you can go play as Alan and see all the demented stuff that this writer has to go through to write a freakin manuscript.

The Walking Dead -50%


And so the best game of last year in my eyes is 50 percent off right now. $12.49 is all it costs. The amount of emotion in this game that weighs a little less than a gig is unprecedented. Lee’s story is so emotionally driven and decided upon by the choices you make, the setting is so dark and no one is safe.

I have nothing left to say.

System Shock 2 -75%


If you’re a fan of BioShock at all and have not played System Shock 2, something has gone very wrong. You thought the splicers were scary? Wait until you see the monsters in this gem of a game.

Designed by a very young Ken Levine and containing gameplay elements like powers and RPG focused combat, specializations in certain weapons and powers, this truly is the Big Daddy to BioShock itself.

It’s only $2.49 and less than 500MB of data. Be warned though, this game is absolutely terrifying.


Stay tuned for more Steam summer sales updates.  Have any sales you would like to share with us?  Leave a cooment!