Detective Adventure Face Noir Now Available for PC in English

Here’s something I haven’t seen in some time: A good noir storyline in a game. So I was pleased to get into Face Noir, an indie point & click noir adventure that was originally developed by Italian studio Mad Orange and localized into English by Phoenix Online Studios.

Feeling like something from a Humphrey Bogart film, players take on the role of detective Jack Del Nero. He’s sarcastic, pessimistic, is living through The Great Depression, and he was just kicked off the police force. Add a murder that he’s been falsely accused of and locked up for and you can understand why he’s a hardened wise ass in this bleak world. As you solve puzzles, you’ll unravel a criminal organization and see how a little girl’s past relates to your fate.

Face Noir is a point & click adventure game, which fits the detective motif as you collect objects. These objects can be investigated to look for clues or manipulated with other objects or the environment to create new objects or solve a puzzle. English voice acting and a jazzy soundtrack really add to the noir atmosphere.

Face Noir is available to download at $19.99 from Phoenix Online Studios starting today. And until July 21, you can purchase the Noir Bundle that includes Face Noir, Vampires, Reperfection, Shadows of the Vatican, and The Cat Lady all for $24.99.