Gat is Back for Saints Row 4

*Spoilers for Saint’s Row: The Third*

The five minute appearance and subsequent death of beloved 3rd Street Saint sociopath Johnny Gat voiced by Daniel Dae Kim during Saints Row the 3rd (Spoiler warning: Johnny Gat dies in Saints Row the 3rd) was arguably one of the criminal sandbox video game series’ “Jumped the Shark” moments. Gat represented the violent and hard life of being a gangster in a video game with his direct means of taking obstacles (usually by killing people), getting revenge on those who’d murder his fellow gang members (usually by killing people), and making bold stands against impossible odds (usually by killing a whole lot of people). And best of all, he did all of this with glee. With Gat and his history in Saints Row since the first game seemed to die with him, which resulted in Saints Row the 3rd losing most of the ground in reality as the game went kooky with power and excess. The lack of reality and challenge left some fans with a sour taste for Saints Row the 3rd.

Zombie Gat wasn’t quite the same and The Trouble With Clones DLC just added more kooky with the addition of superpowers that would inevitably become Saints Row 4.

Speaking of Saints Row 4, it appears Gat is officially back as seen in the image. He’s no zombie or monster and appears to be doing what he does best, which is killing people–or aliens now. Whether Gat is back from the dead or a virtual program in that Matrix-like world that the aliens have created for the setting of Saints Row 4 is to be seen. But it appears that the developers of Saints Row have listened to the fans to bring back a beloved character. Or they brought him back to reel in some nostalgia dollars in some cynical and cold marketing move.

And it looks like Michael Dorn and Neil Patrick Harris are coming back to SR4 as their deceased Saints Row 2 characters Maero and DJ Veteran Child. We’ll simply have to wait and see how big these returning characters are come August 20 when Saints Row 4 hit shelves for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.