North America League Championship Series Summer Split Week 5 Recap

We’re now halfway done with the Summer Split of the North American League Championship Series.  With a total of 12 matches, Week 5 was full of exciting finishes, miraculous comebacks, and all-around excellent play.

(Underline signifies winner)

Day 1 – Thursday 7/11/13

Match 1 – Vulcun vs. TSM

TSM, a team known for sticking with mostly standard team compositions, shocked everyone when they picked a Zilean along with a Xin Zhao/Annie duo lane.  This unorthodox team composition was looking for an early lead that would snowball into a victory.  Unfortunately for TSM, Vulcun played it patiently and intelligently.  They quickly nullified the cheese factor and took the win 24 minutes in.

Match 2 – Cloud 9 vs. CLG

Cloud 9 used long rage poke from Jayce and Ashe to slowly whittle down CLG’s towers throughout the game.  Although the amount of kills for each team were relatively even, Cloud 9 gradually pushed all of the lanes and won the game through the destruction of CLG’s towers.  Eventually Cloud 9 won a decisive team fight in CLG’s base and came out victorious.

Match 3 – Velocity eSports vs. Dignitas

Dignitas gained the upper hand in a close game when they decided to kill Baron when VES was pushing the mid lane.  This turned out to be the right choice, as the Baron buff propelled Dignitas to a 30 minute victory.

Match 4 – Team Coast vs. Curse

The story for this game was similar to the previous match: a Baron buff midway through the game was key in Team Coast’s victory.  ZionSpartan was again on Riven and made a huge impact in the 35 minute game.

Match 5 – TSM vs. Velocity eSports

A crucial mid lane fight was the crux of this match between TSM and VES.  VES lingered around the mid tower for too long, and TSM took the opportunity and won a lopsided team fight.  TSM rolled this advantage into a 27 minute win.

Match 6 – Cloud 9 vs. Vulcun

25 minutes into the game, Vulcun was up 12 to 1 in kills.  With nearly a 10k gold lead, a victory for Vulcun was seemingly 100% secure.  In addition, Vulcun had the late game power of Tristana, so Cloud 9’s only chance at winning in the late game also seemed to be an impossible task.  But with repeatedly smart engages, Cloud 9 slowly crawled their way back into the game.  A quick Baron kill with the power of Nunu was also instrumental, and Cloud 9 managed to pull a ridiculous comeback victory 55 minutes in.

league championship series

Day 2 – 7/12/13

Match 7 – Curse vs. CLG

This game was dead even throughout the entire game.  Both the kills and the gold were extremely similar, but Curse managed to eke out a win due to a split pushing blunder by CLG.  CLG had Shen and Zed pushing the top and bottom lanes respectively, but Curse decided to all group up and barrel down mid lane with a Baron buff.  CLG reacted to late and Curse destroyed the Nexus in this insanely close 38 minute game.

Match 8 – Dignitas vs. Team Coast

Dignitas AOE team composition of Kennen, Graves, and Sona proved to be too much for Team Coast to handle.  Dignitas consistently pulled off fantastic, synchronized ultimates to take a 33 minute victory.

Match 9 – Cloud 9 vs. Velocity eSports

In a matchup between the first place team and the last place team, it was evident which team was where in the standings.  Cloud 9 systematically picked apart VES and won a relatively easy 33 minute game.

Match 10 – TSM vs. CLG

CLG’s Doublelift and Link were the cornerstones in their win over TSM.  They combined for 18 of CLG’s 21 kills and carried their team to a 38 minute victory.

Match 11 – Vulcun vs. Team Coast

Vulcun invaded Team Coast’s jungle early and got first blood just 2 minutes in.  This set the tone early for the game, and Vulcun used the late game power of Ryze to get the win.

Match 12 – Dignitas vs. Curse

This game was off to a quick start, with Dignitas destroying 2 towers and Curse killing Dragon only 4 minutes into the game.  However, Curse utilized a Baron buff with superior team fighting to win the final game of Week 5.

Standings after Week 5:

1. Cloud 9 (13-2)

2. Vulcun (10-5)

3. CLG (8-7)

4. Dignitas (7-8)

5. TSM (7-8)

6. Team Coast (7-8)

7. Curse (6-9)

8. Velocity eSports (2-13)