Pokemon X And Y Legendary Types Announced Along With New Pokemon

Pokemon X and Y has had another major set of information revealed, including the types of the two Legendary Pokemon (Xerneas and Yveltal), the name of the enemy team, and 5 new Pokemon! Let’s have a look at all the new information.

  • Firstly, Xerneas is now a Fairy type, and can learn the exclusive move Geomancy, which features rainbow-coloured light that erupts from the earth around it. Xerneas also has the ability ‘Fairy Aura,’ which naturally takes effect in battle and strengthens Fairy-type moves for all Pokemon in the battle. Great for tag-team battling!
  • Yveltal is a Dark/Flying-type and is the only Pokemon that can learn Oblivion Wing, which sends Yveltal flying into the sky to release a powerful beam of red light that scorches the ground below. It has the ability ‘Dark Aura’ which is the counter-move to Fairy Aura, and raises the strength of Dark-type moves.

5 new Pokemon have also been announced, along with a few more bits of information on previously announced Pokemon! (Nice to see the Pokedex slowly filling up!)

Pokemon X and YPongoro is the evolved form of Pancham, the fighting Panda Pokemon. It’s a fighting and dark-type Pokemon that has a violent temperament, but also believes in fairness and doesn’t forgive those who bully the weak. The leaf it carries can actually predict opponent’s moves! (Pretty impressive for a leaf really). Pangoro can learn Hammer Arm, which inflicts great damage to opponents and also lowers the user’s Speed.

Pokemon X and YThis little cutie is Inkay, and is available in both Pokemon X and Y. It’s a Dark and Psychic-type Pokemon that has the ability to drain other Pokemon’s will to fight by flashing the transmitters above it’s eyes. It’s also said that these lights can be used to communicate with other Pokemon. Inkay can learn a new Dark-type move, Topsy-Turvy, which is a tricky move that reverses any stat changes of the target.

Pokemon X and Y




This next Pokemon is Malamar, which is the evolved form of Inkay. As well as looking formidable, it potentially has the strongest hypnotic force of any known Pokemon and can bend opponents to its will. Malamar can learn Hypnosis, which leaves Pokemon asleep and unable to do actions in battle. This is the main reason why people with ill-intentions use this Pokemon.


Pokemon X and Y Swirlix, a new Fairy-type Pokemon, can only be captured in Pokemon X (yes, it is a version exclusive Pokemon so you’ll need to find someone to trade with!). It has the ability ‘Sweet Veil’ which keeps Pokemon on the same team from being left asleep in battle (pretty useful if you ask me). Swirlix can learn the new Fairy-type move Draining Kiss, which does damage to the target while also restoring some HP to the user. It only eats sweets, which is why its body is sweet and sticky, like cotton candy.





Pokemon X and Y

This final new Pokemon is called Spritzee, which is only available for capture in Pokemon Y. It emits a unique fragrance that causes anyone who smells it to fall under its spell. Spritzee can learn the Grass-type move Aromatherapy, which heals its allies’ status conditions.

It’s also now known that Clauncher, the previously announced Water-type Pokemon, can only be caught in Pokemon X. Skrelp, the other Water-type Pokemon, can only be caught in Pokemon Y, so you’ll need to find someone to trade with (whether it be a friend or someone over the GTS).

The new information also came with a group of new people you’ll meet along your travels. First, allow me to introduce Professor Augustine Sycamore, the Professor who entrusts you and your friends with your very first Pokemon. Once again they have continued with the naming conventions of the Professors (naming them after trees, in case you hadn’t already noticed!) You’ll also run into a mysterious evil organisation that finally has a name: Team Flare! They show up around the Kalos region, although their motives are currently unclear. You can see both of these below:

Pokemon X and YPokemon X and Y


Another two new people you will run into are Grant and Clemont (accompanied by her younger sister Bonnie), who are the new Gym leaders. Grant is the Gym leader with a strong heart who excels at bike racing, mountain climbing and many other sports. Clemont, on the other hand, is a young Gym leader who loves science and gets extremely excited by any devices he invents. You can check out both of these two below, but it’s currently unclear what type of Pokemon both will be using. As soon as this is announced we’ll make sure to update this article! (Grant is on the left and Clemont is on the righ.t)

Pokemon X and YPokemon X and Y


It’s also been announced that we’ll be getting a brand NEW feature called O-Powers! These powers allow players to easily power up Pokemon in their party and providr other benefits in Pokemon X and Y. These special powers come in various forms and can actually be shared between players via the new Player Search System (PSS). To share a power, you simply tap the player on the Touch screen. Some powers will temporarily increase a Pokemon’s stats, while others make it easier to catch a wild Pokemon or increase the experience points gained from battle.

Finally we have Wonder Trades, which allow players to trade a Pokemon for one offered by someone else in the world. Sounds simple enough. The catch is that players trade without knowing what Pokemon they’ll get in return! This adds a little more thrill and mystery to the Pokemon you can trade, and there’s also the chance of receiving a rare Pokemon or one that will really add to your Pokemon party.

Pokemon X and Y announcements never fail to get me excited, and this definitely has me looking forward to the latest title even more than before (if that’s even physically possible, which I’m seriously doubting at this moment). If any more information is released we’ll make sure to update this article.  Make sure that you check out the official Pokemon website for all the latest information. In the meantime, you can watch the latest Pokemon X and Y trailer below, which shows the new features in action as well as the new Pokemon.

Are you liking the look of the new features and Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y? Something you want to change or would add? Let us know! I’m willing to bet that any Pokemon fan will have at least one suggestion or comment!