desert bus

Desert Bus Hits iTunes and Google Play

Penn & Teller’s Desert Bus is one of the most realistic games I’ve ever experienced. There are no princesses to rescue, aliens to shoot, or treasure to collect. Instead, Desert Bus is a realistic driving game that involves driving the titular desert bus across 8 hours of flat road.

In real time.

And there are no pauses, cheats, or anything else to pass the time.

Previously played annually for the Child’s Play charity in Desert Bus for Hope, you too can now experience Desert Bus via iTunes or Google Play for only $.99 and help out the charity as well. Will you and your mobile device even last the eight hours?

I tried Desert Bus once on a drunken dare after we all got tired of playing Street Fighter and Rock Band. With my friends cheering me on and my iPod stuck playing AC/DC’s Highway to Hell, I stared at the screen and got highway hypnosis as I drove mile after mile along the virtual desert highway. Each increasing mile on the odometer was my one sign of progress. I wanted to just leave the game alone so I could open up a different and hopefully more interesting game in an impressive display of multitasking. But the damned desert bus keeps listing right and required me to keep steering it to keep it on the road. As my friends passed out one by one, I found myself alone on this dreary highway. This is just like a regular drive from Arizona to Las Vegas but without the tangible rewards of slot machines and showgirls waiting for me once I reached my destination.

It was damned male pride that kept me driving through Desert Bus, but it was a bag of chips that sent my trip to a dead stop when I stepped away from the game to look for the crunchy snack to keep me awake. Those brief seconds sent the bus off the road where it stalled. Afterwards I said to hell with it and passed out, dreaming about Katamari Damacy. I woke up to find a giant ball of junk consisting of  snack wrappers, furniture, and passed out friends.