The 10 Must Have Wii U Games As Of July 2013

If you’re looking to buy a Wii U but hear it may not be worth it right now: Think again. There are plenty of titles to tide you over from now until the big releases begin to pour out.

If you own a Wii U and complain that there aren’t enough games to buy: Think again. You may have had the Wii U for a while now but do you have everything on this list?

Grant, not everything listed below will be on everyone’s hit list but these ten retail titles are top tier purchases for the Wii U right now. There’s plenty on the horizon, for sure, but right now you can’t go wrong with the following games sitting on your shelf and in your system.

What follows are the ten must have Wii U games as of right now.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

It may not be everyone’s favorite FPS but Black Ops 2 is a stellar port and experience on the Wii U. The only issue that owners of the Wii U version will find is a lack of DLC. Aside from that you’ll find everything else intact. Multiplayer is definitely the main feature here and you’ll get a quick and smooth experience on the Wii U version. There’s always enough players online to get into a game but don’t be surprised if you begin to see the same names over and over again, as the in-game counter only ever gives a number of over 1800 online every time. There could be more but who really knows? The main thing is that Black Ops 2 on the Wii U is a great port and experience if you need that FPS fix.


LEGO City Undercover

Most people reading this list will scoff and say, “a LEGO game, really?” Absolutely. LEGO City Undercover is an open world game with a lot to offer. The gameplay is fun in Undercover and when you have a LEGO world this big to explore, you’ll spend plenty of time in it. Think of this game as a light-hearted LEGO-ized Grand Theft Auto. The story isn’t half bad, either. Don’t walk away from this game just because of the LEGO branded and look.


must have wii u games - monster hunter


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Monster Hunter 3 was a great game on the Wii but the Wii U version packs more inside and a much better online mode. There’s no doubting the impact of a Monster Hunter game and the size of the community playing this title proves it. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate plays like a dream. It may be difficult at times but if you have a friend or two that owns it as well then you’ll be continually coming back to it for the experience alone. This is one Wii U game that may suck up more than 100 hours of your life.


New Super Mario Bros. U

You can’t beat a good ol’ 2D Mario game. New Super Mario Bros. U is a step up from the Wii game but you won’t find much different, which is okay, really. This is our first glance at HD Mario and both the single and multiplayer experiences are great. The game is also quite difficult at times offering franchise veterans a run for their money.



If you have siblings at home or friends that come over often then you’ll find Nintendoland a cheap and quick way to get some fun and laughs out of the system. Think of it as a Wii U Resort with less emphasis on generic sports and more Nintendo branding. Some games can be played singleplayer but there are a number that can only be ventured into with a friend. Some of the games are cheesy and lame but then you have others like Zelda and Metroid that offer a fun experience with your buddy.


must have wii u games - resident evil


Resident Evil: Revelations

Despite the crappy resolution issue, Resident Evil: Revelations on the Wii U is a great game. It is being heralded as the best Resident Evil game since 4 and will provide you with an intriguing and gripping story. The return to full Survival Horror also brings with it a great use of the GamePad controller. The resolution might not look amazing in this upsized remake from a 3DS game but that doesn’t stop it from being a rewarding experience.


Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Can’t wait for Mario Kart? You should really look into Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. In fact, Transformed offers a lot to kart racing game fans and even gives the Mario Kart series’ experience and feel a run for its money. The smooth gameplay and excellent stage design offer multiple options of getting through a lap depending on which form you choose to take on your kart. That helps make multiple runs through the stages fun each time.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition

I would have loved to say Injustice here since I believe that to be the superior fighting game but without the DLC and the threat of a seperate purchase (Game of the Year edition) needed to get all of the characters and costumes, I can’t rightfully list that game here. Instead, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will have to do. It is by no means a bad game, though! Tekken Tag is one of my favorite fighting games of all time and Tag Tournament 2 does justice to its namesake. Plus, the addition of all the Wii U exclusive content really helps its case.


must have wii u games - transformers


Transformers Prime: The Video Game

Surprised to see a TV show video game on here? So was I. First off, Transformers Prime is, in my opinion, the best Transformers cartoon since the original. The characterization and story are awesome and the way Prime really shows of Megatron’s level of threat and ruthlessness is excellent. To my surprise, the video game adaption is equally as great. This may be the best Transformers game that hasn’t been made by High Moon Studio. It’s a fun 3D action game that really gives justice to the TV show.



It may not have sold as much as Ubisoft wished it did but that doesn’t mean ZombiU is a bad game. In fact, this game still has the best use of the GamePad controller on the system and the gameplay is very intense. You are so human in ZombiU that you’ll easily get caught up in the experience and survival that you’ll forget that you aren’t going to have superhuman health regeneration or time to breathe.


5 Titles Coming Soon To Be Excited About

Pikmin 3: This has been a long time coming and series fans are getting ready to rejoice. Pikmin 3 brings with it new types of Pikmin and new ways to use them.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist: Sam Fisher is back in his stealth gear and ready to kick some ass. Blacklist is looking to bring back the level of effort and detail Wii U should get just like Black Ops 2 did back during launch time.

Rayman Legends: Originally a Wii U exclusive, Rayman Legends looks to be a top notch platformer.

The Wonderful 101: This game is looking to be fantastic. Think of it as a superhero themed Pikmin action game.

Scribblenauts Unmasked: This is the only reason why Unlimited didn’t make this list. Unmasked will be out soon and bring with it the entirety of DC Comics’ history.



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  1. heavenshitman1

    And on top of that, BC means I still get to play my old Wii games like the Metroid Prime series, Metroid Other M, Twighlight Princess, RedSteels, Wii fits and that list goes on

  2. Wii_U_Is_Actually_Fun

    This is a pretty dumb list.
    A port of an awful FPS? (COD)
    Some mediocre movie games?

    The exclusives should be the only thing considered for such a list and the only ‘good’ games listed here are the amazing Monster Hunter and the fun NintendoLand / Mario.

    What the heck is this list even.

    (Resident Evil Revelations is a good RE game. Admitted and accepted.)

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