Why I Hope That Kingdom Hearts 3 Avoids Including Marvel And Star Wars

Many things have happened to both Square Enix and Disney since Kingdom Hearts 2 was released. Two of the most notable things are Disney’s acquisition of LucasArts, and their earlier acquisition of Marvel Entertainment. While this means big things for Disney, as they now own even more hugely successful properties, it also means that Square Enix may be able to get the rights to include worlds based on properties such as Spider-Man and Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts. I think this could be cool for the series if it continues, but I would be disappointed if these worlds were included in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Here’s my take: When the Kingdom Hearts series started in 2002, Square only had access to classic Disney films, as that was before Disney owned Marvel or LucasArts. They were still able to come up with great worlds, and they added a couple of their own original worlds for good measure. The first Kingdom Hearts is a spectacular game, made better by the interactions between Sora and classic Disney characters that you know and love. The worlds of the Disney films are also innocent enough to fit with the game’s E rating (E10+ for Kingdom Hearts 2). However, possibly the most important reason they fit was because their cartoony aesthetics fit in perfectly with Kingdom Hearts graphics. This is one of the reasons I did not like the Pirates of the Caribbean level in Kingdom Hearts 2 all that much. I love the PotC films a lot, but that does not mean I want them in this game that had before been restricted to classic, animated Disney films. I have the same worries about Star Wars and Marvel. It would probably be easy to incorporate Marvel characters with the same art style as the rest of the game shares, but I don’t think the same thing is possible with Star Wars characters.

As I said above, I do not necessarily think the incorporation of these properties is a bad idea in the Kingdom Hearts series, I just think it’s a bad idea for the Xehanort saga. I believe it would be easy for Square to come up with some unique worlds based off of Disney or Pixar films for the last installment of the Xehanort saga, and create a new saga with new characters that visited worlds based on more realistic properties such as Star Wars. I just don’t believe that the tone of Disney’s newer acquisitions fits that of Kingdom Heart’s mostly quirky attitude.

Of course, these are just my opinions, and I have a feeling I am one of the only ones. All I know is that no matter what worlds they include, I have waited too long for Kingdom Hearts 3 to give up on the series now just because of a few worlds I don’t agree with. No matter what the worlds the characters travel to, the conclusion of Sora’s fight against Xehanort will be something you do not want to miss.