GameStop Ceases Preorders For The PlayStation 4

Anyone still looking to preorder a PlayStation 4 may now have to look towards Amazon or Best Buy, as GameStop has recently ceased accepting pre-orders for the next-gen console. According to GameInformer, a spokesperson for the company has stated that because of “high demand for the system,” they have stopped taking any further preorders. This is quite negative for gamers out there who have not yet preordered a PlayStation 4. However, it is important to note that GameStop ceased preorders for the Xbox One last month due to a small number of units being allotted to each store. So, while not everyone got to order a PS4 from GameStop, even less were able to order an Xbox One. However, hope is still not completely lost, as Amazon should at least have a few consoles and bundles left to provide to us gamers.

This can also be seen as good and bad news for Sony. On the one hand, they managed to allocate a large shipment to every GameStop and have them sell out. The downside to this,  of course, is that they ran out of PlayStation 4 consoles. GameStop is obviously a major retailer of all things gaming, and most likely the first stop a lot of gamers go to looking for a new console. When these gamers are told that they are out of PS4 preorders, the gamer may very well stop looking for them anywhere else, because if GameStop doesn’t have a unit, why would anyone else? So, while I believe it may end up affecting Sony’s sales slightly in the long run, the amount of money they will make off of the preordered units far outweighs it.

Now, if you already managed to snag a PS4 and are still just looking for games to play on it, fear not, because GameStop still has you covered. Games such as Killzone: Shadow Fall, Watch Dogs, and InFamous: Second Son are still available for preorder.

Unfortunately, not everyone who wanted one gets a console at its launch, as is the case with every console launch that I have seen. It seems like the next-gen console launches this holiday will be the same, let’s just hope that Microsoft and Sony ship more units quickly.

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