PlayStation TV Trademark Uncovered

Remember all that stick that we all gave Microsoft for putting DVR functions onto a console and not being ALL about the games like Sony was? Remember the videos that had people counting the number of times Microsoft could say TV in one conference? Well, today on the internet, some people unearthed a trademark application from Sony… About TV. (Cue the dramatic music.)

The application was done with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a trademark pertaining to a “Service”. That trademark is for something called PlayStation TV. It was applied for at the back end of last month by Sony but was just a re application of an old service by the same name and logo which was abandoned by the company in September 2012. Here is the link to the new patent itself.

Pointed out by IGN, the filing is not for just the use of “TV” but instead for the two words used together, “PlayStation TV”. Also along with this there is a logo for the potential service. Wait for it:

Now, while the name and the logo are not exactly unique and we know what a PlayStation TV service would probably do (I mean… TV and PlayStation is not exactly hard to work out from this), it is interesting to see how the general public will react to this. After the furor over the Xbox One being very TV orientated, could we see similar reactions if Sony announces this TV service for the PlayStation 4 console. Will Gamescom be the place where Sony reveal any TV plans in full? We shall see.

Have Sony already done enough to convince all of the gamers that they are gamer-focused in next gen or will this hinder their current reputation somehow if this were to be officially announced? Let us know in the comments below.