Honedge screenshot 1

Meet Honedge: The New Steel/Ghost Pokemon For Pokemon X And Y

Get ready to meet the latest Pokemon to be announced in Pokemon X and Y: Honedge! Honedge is a Steel and Ghost type Pokemon that was announced by Mr Junichi Masuda in a special video message sent to the Japan Expo in Paris.

Honedge comes into being when a departed spirit possesses a sword that once belonged to a human. The blue cloth attached on its hilt can be used as nimbly as an arm, and trainers who carelessly pick up this sword may find it attached and draining their energy! Since it’s a sword Pokemon it seems to make sense that it can learn Swords Dance, which sharply raises the user’s Attack stat and can be used several times in a row.

Honedge joins the new Pokedex as the 21st newly announced Pokemon for Pokemon X and Y, and you can have a look at some screens of it in action just below.

Honedge Pokemon X and Y Honedge Pokemon X and Y Honedge Pokemon X and Y

Ghost/steel is a combination that hasn’t really been explored before, and faces the possibility of immunity to both normal and poison attacks. Will Honedge be making it into your Pokemon X and Y team?