Three Things We Could See Announced At Gamescom

Gamescom will be with us in just about a month. The European games event is up there with E3 and the Tokyo Games Show, so it is nothing to be sniffed at. With the advent of next generation consoles and the coming onslaught that the new games will bring upon our wallets, this year’s show should be very special. I have already written about what the show will mean for Microsoft and Sony, but what things could be announced at the show? What will make it amazing and bring us the roars and applause that Sony’s E3 brought? Just to add, there is no word of the PS4 release date on here as one of the things because we all know its coming.


1 – Sequels, Sequels and More Sequels! – Sony has said that we should expect more game reveals at Gamescom seeing as most of the technical briefings are done. Seeing as Sony are promising 30 first party exclusives within the first year, we still have a few to see. One of these will probably be Uncharted 4, of course, seeing as it was one of the most successful PlayStation franchises for Sony. Some sort of actual game from Media Molecule would be nice as well. All that is left is a full sequel to God Of War, not Ascension or a new game for PS Vita (not that that would be the worst thing in the world), which would continue the story from the end of God Of War III. Microsoft have a Halo game that has been teased already, we could see more of this along with other games from the 360 era like Crackdown or MORE dancing games for the Kinect, like we don’t have any of them already. BANJO-KAZOOIE, that is all.


2 –  Sony: The Return Of Favorites –  How about Syphon Filter, The Getaway or Heavenly Sword making triumphant returns on the next generation? That would certainly get more people pumped for new consoles, if they somehow haven’t been already! Cancelled PS3 games such as Eight Days, which looked quite promising, could be resurrected as well. Think of it, games we haven’t seen in their full form finally coming good. Added to that, we could have Agent, which has been non existent since its announcement but still manages to get people’s attention at its very mention, make a return for the PlayStation 4 to really sell some of those units. Would that be too good to hope for all of those in one go?


3 – Microsoft: New Versions Of Xbox One – “Well yes, Sony may have announced the PlayStation 4’s price at $100 less than the Xbox One. But that was our top priced bundle.” These words would probably break the internet even more than Sony’s conference did. What if Microsoft debuted three versions like some said that Sony were planning to. One at $300 another at $399 and the final, already announced console at $499. That kind of pricing system would lead to an extremely interesting new generation which looks to go to Sony. If this were to happen, Microsoft could take back a large portion of doubters, especially after their restrictions were reversed. This would make my job easier as there would be endless topics to write about and everyone’s pockets slightly lighter at the same time!

Xbox One is shown during a press event unveiling by Microsoft in Redmond