L.A. Noire Writer Joins Intuitive Game Studios

Intuitive Game Studios is a new developer that has just opened its doors in Sydney, Australia and has some great names behind it. The independent studio is helmed by ex-Team Bondi members after Kennedy Miller Mitchell, a film/TV/game developer also located in Australia was hit by layoffs. For those of you who don’t know, Kennedy Miller Mitchell are the minds that brought us the Mad Max series amongst other Australian classics like Babe and Babe: Pig in the City. While many of the game division employees fled to Canada and other developers in America, the rest of them banded together to create a new studio that stayed in Australia.

Intuitive Game Studios hopes to get started on their debut title and has announced on their official Facebook page that L.A. Noire writer Daniel McMahon has joined them.

“We are delighted to announce that Daniel McMahon is on board to write for our debut title. Dan is a wordsmith extraordinaire, having been a writer on L.A. Noire!” said the posting.

With this amount of talent on hand it looks like their first title maybe something to watch out for in the coming years.  Hopefully this studio knows what it’s doing as starting up a new venture is risky in this year of bad news for game developers.  The gaming industry has been hit with a lot of studios just shutting down and suffering massive layoffs.  Some of the biggest stories have come from the rapid fire layoffs at multiple EA owned studios, and who can forget the downfall of THQ.  Even video game journalism has seen better days with the end of Game Developer Magazine and Ziff Davis shutting down 1UP, UGO, and GameSpy.  Hopefully Intuitive Game Studios can buck this downward spiral and really impress the gaming industry with an amazing title that will keep their doors open for years to come.

There has been no word as of yet on what Intuitive Game Studios first title is going to be about.  We don’t know if they’re going with a first person shooter or an epic RPG.  Whatever their destination, I wish them the best of luck.