Lightning Returns

Square Enix Releases New Lightning Returns Trailer

The trilogy that Final Fantasy XIII started will come to an end in February with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The game will feature the titular character Lightning as she attempts to stop the world from being destroyed in thirteen days. The game will feature a time-based system similar to The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, a departure from other games with the Final Fantasy name. In another departure from series norms, Lightning herself will be the only playable character, giving the player much more control over what happens in a battle and what abilities they pull off.

So far, a few gameplay trailers have been released, each giving us fans more insight into the changes being made to Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2’s already incredible battle system. Lightning will have access to Paradigms as she did in XIII and as her sister did in XIII-2. However, these Paradigms will function a little differently than they did in the other games, as since there is an increased emphasis on participation in this game, there seems to be no auto-battle command. Instead, each face button on the controller is assigned a different ability, with Lightning activating that ability at the press of a button. So, if you have “Fira” set to the triangle button, pressing it will cause her to cast that spell, as long as it fits in her ATB bar, which also appears to be changed somewhat.

However, while the gameplay changes that we will see in this game are important to note, Square Enix is just as eager to show off the story you will be told while you are playing it. Today at the Japan Expo in Paris, Square Enix has released a story trailer specifically for that reason, titled “The Divine Task.” The trailer shows several already confirmed characters, although it also sheds light on a familiar face returning to the series. The trailer begins with Lightning talking about being touched by God and being given the task of escorting lost souls beyond the world’s end. The scene then shifts to Snow sitting on a throne while Lightning and Hope discuss the state of the world. After this discussion, Lightning is shown being led through a hallway to meet with Fang, now the boss of some organization. Finally, the trailer shifts to an argument between Lightning and Noel, with a small bit of gameplay thrown on the end. Feel free to watch the trailer for yourself below.

What do you think? Are you excited for Lightning Returns, and if so, what are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: Square Enix UK”s YouTube]

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