Klei Entertainment is Making a Turn-Based Strategy Game Called Incognita

Klei Entertainment has been slowly been gaining a reputation for putting out quality, downloadable titles with games like Mark of the Ninja and Don’t Starve.  The company has announced its next project, a turn-based strategy game called Incognita.

Klei's signature art style looks to be in full force with Incognita.

Klei’s signature art style looks to be in full force with Incognita.

Officially labeled as “turn-based tactical espionage,” Incognita looks to utilize a spy theme with the strategy genre.  Although no trailers have been shown, Klei co-founder Jamie Cheng had a brief interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun about Incognita.

Cheng didn’t reveal much in terms of specifics in gameplay or features, but he did talk about how Klei is trying to take the strategy aspect of something like an XCOM: Enemy Unknown and infuse it with a theme of spy, espionage, and information control.  “The idea behind Incognita is, we want information to be power,” says Cheng.  “We want information to be a very key part of your experience.”

Cheng also talked about how Incognita is going to go through the same paid alpha structure as Don’t Starve.  Klei is shooting for a late summer release for the alpha launch.  In regards to plarforms, Incognita is definitely coming to the PC, but other platforms have not yet been officially announced.


It seems like it was only a short while ago when Klei Entertinament was only known as the “guys who made Shank.”  Now the developer is well-known in indie circles for creating some excellent titles like Mark of the Ninja, and it’s awesome to see them tackling different types of games.

After the critical and commercial succes of 2012’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown, it seems like more developers are trying out the strategy genre, a genre often shunned due to its perceived complexity.  Games like Double Fine’s Massive Chalice has been well funded on Kickstarter, and Fire Emblem Awakening on the 3DS has been immensely successful for Nintendo in terms of sales and critical reception.

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