State of Decay Revised For Australia

In a follow up to the announcement that State of Decay was refused classification in Australia, Undead Labs have gone back and changed the inclusion of drugs to vitamins and resubmitted it to the AU Classification board. Via their Facebook page, Undead quotes “Australians, I can officially tell you that the special edition of the game is now in the hands of your review board,”



Originally State of Decay had included a slew of actual named stimulants such as codeine and morphine, these have now been changed into more innocuous sounding ‘Supplements.’

“Stimulants out! ‘Supplements’ in! Who could possibly not like vitamins? They’re good for you. Anyway, we’re feeling pretty optimistic about our chances.” Says Undead Labs, here’s hoping that the review board will see reason now and release this indie gem.

With the new addition of the R18+ rating in Australia, gamers had expected more leniency in terms of what types of games would be allowed uncensored in Australia, but it looks like that simply is not the case when it comes to real life drugs in games just yet.