Chamber of Game: Sanctum 2: Road to Elysion DLC

Not too long ago, we had some pretty nice things to say about Sanctum 2 as a whole. Excellent as it was, I wasn’t expecting to go back to the game for some length of time. Little did I know that Coffee Stain Studios doesn’t sleep and managed to bump out their first major piece of DLC called Road to Elysion. Adding the new playable character Tsygan, the DLC also comes with four brand new maps, two new weapons and towers, a few menacing Lumes and several new perks. Needless to say, the content is huge and we’d better show you what it looks like.

First off, this is probably the best DLC live-action trailer ever made.

My time with Sanctum 2 was well spent and I’m feverishly enjoying myself with the punishing Road to Elysion. Just like the original release, Sanctum 2 is easier with friends for the most part and can present a significant challenge alone at times. The new Mutator and aerial healing enemies create ridiculous situations that you absolutely need to be ready for if you’re to stand any chance at surviving. Tsygan is a great addition to the team and the new weapons are wonderfully awesome – especially the crossbow. I think I’ve said enough though, so check out one of the levels for Sanctum 2’s first piece of DLC and make the judgment call yourself!