Report: Google Developing An Android Powered Games Console

In the recent months we have been seeing many Android-powered consoles coming from different developers. Many of these have been funded through the crowd funding website Kickstarter. While an Android console brings with it both pros and cons, it is always interesting to see new consoles enter the market. Who doesn’t enjoy some healthy competition? According to Wall Street Journal, the creators of the Android OS, Google, are now creating their own games console running their own OS.

Wall Street Journal reported this along with the news that they will also develop a Smart Watch, yet another Kickstarter darling for the Pebble Watch, to compete with Apple and Samsung who are both rumored to be entering the wearable device arena some time soon. Alongside the console and the Smart Watch, there will also be a replacement to the Nexus Q, the failed streaming device. All three are coming but the report says that Google are aiming to release some or all of them by Fall this year according to anonymous sources.

The report says that Google are doing all of this to compete with whatever devices Apple currently have in development, continuing the long battle between the two for the mobile space. Google currently have the most number of phones sold worldwide with Android installed, probably due to the sheer number of phone manufacturers who use it while Apple creates their iOS phones by themselves.

If this turns out to be true, Google will be pitting themselves head on against the might of the upcoming generation of consoles featuring Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. In addition, the recently released Ouya and Gamestick will be major competitors due to their Android powered natures.

What do you think of this report? Would you buy a Google backed games console or does next gen satisfy that gaming itch already?