Prince Of Persia Info Coming

Prince of Persia is one classic series that has recently been lacking. The most recent game, The Forgotten Sands, was not all that many expected it to be after promises of a return to the Prince of old. Even a reboot which was quite good, was not even remotely popular. Could hope be on the horizon?

Today on the official Facebook page for the series, which can be found here, there was an interesting update. “Get ready for some news about Prince of Persia, starting next week…” said the Facebook post. After such a long time since the last game, or any sort of truly popular Prince of Persia game, we may finally have a true follow up coming our way.

On the flip side of this however, we have a different, more disappointing possibility. With both Deus Ex and the Colin McRae series being turned into mobile games rather than fully fledged games after having been teased in a similar way, could this news about Prince of Persia be just another mobile tie in? While this is not as exciting, the re-released versions of the original side scroller Prince of Persia were pretty good.

If this were to be the start of a new saga or a continuation of a different one, I am in. The stylish and interesting reboot, called simply Prince of Persia, starring an admittedly Nathan Drake-esque protagonist, was a very good game despite all of the hate it got. A sequel to that or even a new game would be interesting. Although there is also the question of whether Ubisoft can differentiate a possible new game from their wildly popular Assassin’s Creed franchise which also features a free running main character. Especially after some leaked images, which were dismissed by Ubisoft, looked very Assassin’s Creedy while being touted as a Prince of Persia reboot.

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