5 Tips To Help You Succeed In Project X Zone

My review of Project X Zone is on the site, and you can read it here. I enjoyed the game quite a bit, and I managed to think up a few pointers for anyone interested in trying this game. The structure of Project X Zone is similar to most other SRPGs, although there are a few key differences, specifically its combat. Continue reading for five tips on how to succeed during your time with Project X Zone.


Carefully choose your allies and equipment. Although this may go without saying, you will want to take some time to consider your options in Project X Zone. Every team of two is able to equip a weapon and an accessory, along with a single ally unit. Weapons and accessories obviously have their own benefits once equipped, and these effects are clearly listed at the bottom of the screen. However, along with these boons that the equipment provides, a negative side effect is often included as well. One piece of equipment may raise your team’s HP by 800 while lowering their attack by ten points. These kinds of things make just enough of a difference to warrant a weighing of your options before blindly equipping these items.

Ally characters, on the other hand, usually do not have a negative side effect. When you attempt to assign a character as an ally to a team, a few things will be listed at the bottom of the screen. These listings include different skills that the unit will pass on to its respective team, as well as a boon or two. Instead of only grouping characters form a certain game, keep in mind which boons the characters give and pair them with the teams that need them most.


Time your attacks correctly. Battles in Project X Zone take on a different face then in other SRPGs. These battles are more action-focused, requiring you to directly input button combinations in order to carry out your attacks. The battle system in Project X Zone also features a time-based juggling system in order to inflict critical hits on your enemies. Because of this, you will benefit greatly from studying which attacks launch your enemies and which send them flying. From there, you can focus your attacks on setting your enemy up for endless critical hits, making late-game battles go much smoother.


Acquire every treasure chest that you can. There is no opportunity to purchase items in Project X Zone, and every consumable item you obtain in the game is through destroying obstacles on the battlefield and obtaining the goods from treasure chests. Some chests are farther out of the way than you usually want to go, but the items you obtain from them are often worth the trouble. In my playthrough of the game I only missed a couple of treasure chests and had virtually no problems with running out of consumables or anything like that.


Expect reinforcements in every battle. One of my biggest complaints about Project X Zone is the elongation of most missions with artificial difficulty in the form of more enemies. The best way I found to avoid being surprised by this is to always expect it. Nine times out of ten once you get a couple turns into a mission, a few more boss characters will appear, bringing along their own legions of monsters. A battle that starts with twenty or thirty enemies could eventually evolve in to a battle against a hundred enemies.


Defeat every enemy. My second major complaint with the game is that most missions switch objectives halfway through to make it so you have to defeat every enemy on the battlefield. To remedy this, it is a good idea to take on every enemy you come in contact with. The odds of you being overwhelmed and defeated are slim due to the weakness of the regular enemies, and it will eventually help ease the pain of having to go through the battlefield again and defeat all of the enemies.