Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

5 New Evolutions Or Pre-Evolutions I Hope To See In Pokemon X And Y

The sixth generation of Pokemon is soon to be upon us, and I have taken the time to compile a list Pokemon I personally want to see get evolutions or pre-evolutions in Pokemon X and Y. These new games will surely introduce a variety of new Pokemon to the equation, but GameFreak is never one to forget about the old classics. As a quick disclaimer before I go on, I should note that I am on a Pokemon X and Y blackout, meaning I am refraining from learning anything about the game until I get to play it for myself. Because of this, some of the Pokemon I list may already have announced evolutions or pre-evolutions. If that is the case, I apologize.


1. Kangaskhan Pre-Evolution


You see that baby in the Kangaskhan’s pouch? That would be its pre-evolution. It seems odd to me that the baby is not yet an obtainable Pokemon, as it is clearly visible in a lot of Kangaskhan artwork. Several theories surround Kangaskhan, including one which suggests that the cub evolves into a Cubone if its mother is killed. Now, I feel that GameFreak should take this and run with it, although in a slightly less darker way. For example, the baby Kangaskhan could naturally evolve at a certain level into the Kangaskhan we know and love. However, if it is traded with a certain skull item, it will evolve into a Cubone, and eventually a Marowak. Although it would be somewhat pointless to go through that much trouble to obtain a Cubone, it could be a nice way for GameFreak to acknowledge some of the lore fans have created for the Pokemon.

2. Lapras Evolution


Lapras is one of the original 151 Pokemon still without an evolution. This is disappointing for several reasons, but also understandable. Lapras is already a pretty powerful Pokemon, so giving it an evolution would almost surely make it overpowered. However, Lapras are also very rare. In the first two generations only one can be caught per game. An evolution could give Pokemon trainers another incentive to collect a Lapras, as its evolution could be one of the strongest Pokemon yet, especially with its typing.

3. Dunsparce Evolution


I have wanted an evolution for Dunsparce ever since its introduction in the second generation. Its evolution could take notes from the Magikarp line. Dunsparce itself is extremely weak and not useful in most situations. However, upon reaching a certain level or condition, it could evolve into a powerful dragon type Pokemon or a different powerful type. This could give players a huge incentive to obtain a Dunsparce, and would allow players to obtain another strong Pokemon in the same vein as Gyarados.

4. Pinsir Evolution and Pre-Evolution


Pinsir is another Pokemon from the first generation who, like Lapras, has yet to recieve an evolution or pre-evolution. I personally think that this should change by making Pinsir the first stage evolution of a Pokemon and giving it a second stage evolution. Pinsir’s design is simple, which would allow GameFreak to base a Pokemon off of it for both a pre-evolution and evolution. Pinsir is also extremely rare, and creating a Pokemon that evolves into it could definitely help alleviate that. It is also fairly powerful, but I definitely believe that there is room for it to grow in the form of an evolution.

5. Sableye Evolution


Sableye strikes me as another Pokemon that is in the same situation as Dunsparce. I never found myself using a Sableye, although I always though its design was cool enough to warrant an evolution. It’s really too basic and small to create a pre-evolution, so I hope to see an evolution for it in X and Y. Its typing makes it stand up against most attacks, and giving it more power in the form of an evolution would only justify its use more. The way to go about evolving a Sableye could differ from the usual leveling up by requiring it to hold some sort of specific jewel upon level up, or leveling it up in a dark cave. Either way, I think GameFreak would benefit by going back to all of these Pokemon.