Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs: Ubisoft Launches Creepy Viral Webiste

The viral social media campaign has begun for yet another game, the exciting new IP Watch Dogs from Ubisoft. This time, the developer has chosen to go down the route which features a full on creepy look into our society’s openness and vulnerability.

Ubisoft have been teasing the website “We Are Data” for some time now and today the website has unlocked fully. Boy, did it creep me out. Once you load up the web page here, you are shown a virtual simulation of the Earth and three major cities (London, Berlin and Paris) to choose from. Once you have chosen one of these options, the website zooms down upon the city and offers you the option of choosing sections of the city or certain landmarks like galleries etc. Upon choosing on of these, the full creepiness comes out.

Your eyes are treated to a mess of symbols and lines on top of a 3D mapping of the section that you chose. There is a key to keep track of the symbols in case you get lost in the sheer number of them. There are CCTV camera locations, public bicycles, the underground, ATMs, traffic lights, toilets and “electromagnetic fields” to view, which all link up with one another and give you real time information on the place you are viewing such as the number of bikes available. These are all gained from publicly accessible information says Ubi, hitting home with the message that we are open to a good old hacking. When it gets REALLY weird is the use of Tweets, Facebook, Foursquare ad Flickr to really gain information. It takes people’s tweets and other social media updates and places them on the map of where the person is and while it is at it, lets you see where all the active mobile phones are in the city.

This all of course links in to Ubisoft’s wildly ambitious game about Aiden Pearce, a hacker who can control all of the game world’s electronics through the touch of a finger on a mobile. Ubi are really stressing this connected world thing.

What do you think? Is this a bit too far or an interesting experiment? Let us know below.