Atlus May Be In Trouble

In bad news just in time for your coffee this Thursday morning, it appears that Japanese game maker Atlus may be in a bit of trouble. Atlus’ parent company Index has filed for what appears to be bankruptcy, citing that they are entering “civil rehabilitation proceedings” in order to keep from going under.

Apparently, Index has been under investigation for questionable business conduct, including embellishment of earnings reports in an effort to make the company appear to be more well off than it really is. They have said in the past that they are “cooperating fully” with the investigation and have promised to divulge any facts made evident.

While Atlus itself is not much more than a brand name in Japan, it is still a very important entity in the gaming world, and both the Japanese and American branches are responsible for many different beloved games such as the Persona series, Zeno Clash, Catherine, and the Etrian Odyssey series.

How this will ultimately effect Atlus is yet unknown, but this is troubling news for fans of JRPGs and the company itself.

Keep it locked here for more information as it rolls out.

(Thanks Kotaku)