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Spicy Horse Games Announces OZombie Kickstarter Is Live

Spicy Horse Games and American McGee are proud to announce their latest game, a steampunk zombie-fighting game set in Oz called OZombie. Spicy Horse Games has already worked on Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, as well as American McGee’s Grimm and Crazy Fairies, and their fouth project is now live on Kickstarter.

OZombie is an action-adventure game set in the land of Oz, but as you haven’t experienced it before. It’s extremely narrative driven, in an alternative version of L. Frank Baum’s famous Oz universe, and the themes and characters are drawn from all 14 Oz books. However Spicy Horse have given their own unique style to the game, like they did with Alice: Madness Returns. OZombie is built around a single player campaign with multiplayer available after completing the main single player campaign. In the multiplayer you have a range of characters and competitive features such as raids and tournaments.

Some of the other features that Oz boasts are:

  • A variety of perspectives and game modes with a focus on roleplaying, tactical combat, exploration and storytelling.
  • Powered by Unity3D technology with an initial launch on Linux, Mac, PC, and the latest-generation tablets.
  • Localised for worldwide play
  • Offline single-player mode supported after a one-time online registration
  • No form of DRM

Make sure you have a look at the OZombie Kickstarter page. The pitch video is certainly entertaining, explaining why they aren’t working on a new Alice yet and why OZombie will be awesome. As well as lots of lovely information about the game, the Kickstarter page showcases the mysterious Box. This box has a promise attached to it: when the project hits 6000 backers, the box will open, and who knows what this box will contain?

You can also grab yourself some nice additional items as well as backing the game, including a Cloth Map of OZombie land, a t-shirt, a limited edition steampunk Dorothy figurine (and the new design looks pretty cool) and much much more. If you’re feeling particularly rich and have $10,000 spare, you can back the project on the highest tier as well, giving you the chance to travel to Shanghai and meet the Spicy Horse team!


The new design for Dorothy is quite pretty, with the distinct Spicy Horse Games style present.

Currently the project has 1,103 backers and has reached $68,786 of it’s $950,000 total, and it needs your help! American McGee and Spicy Horse games have released some amazing games in the past, so you can be sure this will be yet another interesting take on a beloved franchise.