Hotline Miami PS3 Trailer Starring Fans Now Online

After inviting fans to cosplay and menacingly approach a video camera, Devolver Digital has made good on its promise to use fan footage for the Playstation launch trailer of Hotline Miami.

Clad in various animal masks and armed with various weapons of gory murder, fans took on the role of Hotline Miami’s violent and possibly delusional protagonist Jacket as instructed by Devolver Digital. Splicing the footage has resulted in a brief montage of fans in a tone that matches the game’s gritty atmosphere of violence, dinginess, and noir.  I give kudos to the trailer’s participants.

It’s great to see both developers and fans show such devotion to an indie project that features an unnerving story and game play that really lets you embrace your inner sociopath. Now to see where Devolver Digital goes with the sequel.