Which Do We Wish Were Rideable Pokemon In Pokemon X And Y?

Pokemon X and Y brings an exciting new feature: rideable Pokemon! At the moment we know you can ride Rhyhorn and Gogoat (the new mount Pokemon) but I’m willing to bet that everyone will have a favourite Pokemon that they wish they could ride. Maybe it’s your very own Houndoom, or an Arcanine? Have a read of what Pokemon we wish we could ride in Pokemon X and Y (I’m trying to avoid ones you can learn Fly and Surf with, because technically you can already ride them in certain places!)

1. Entei

Rideable Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y

Who wouldn’t want to ride this beast of a Pokemon? Entei is the Volcano Pokemon, and it’s said that when it roars a volcano will erupt somewhere in the world. While this might not sound like the best idea, you would certainly get around traffic, which is always a plus! Also, say you did manage to run into trouble, you’ve already got a Legendary Pokemon at your beck and call.

2. Snorlax

Rideable Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y


Bear with me here. While we all know that Snorlax is possibly the laziest of Pokemon, always blocking paths and falling asleep at convenient moments, I like to think that riding a Snorlax would be something similar to riding a tank. It might be slow as hell, but you’ll practically be indestructible while riding it! Trouble would just bounce off it, and if there’s anything particularly challenging, your Snorlax could just sit on it. Problem solved! As long as you keep it well fed it should be a pretty happy chappy, and even if it does sleep you could just roll it along (somehow).

3. Machamp

Rideable Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y

Ah Machamp, one of my favourite fighting-type Pokemon. With muscles that would rival Arnold Schwarzenegger, you wouldn’t have to worry about people hassling you. And honking horns? Well, that just wouldn’t happen at all! This superpower Pokemon can run, jump and fight like no other, so you could probably bet it would be a good ride. Only thing is you might need to watch out for his temper!

4. Arcanine

Rideable Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y

Probably quite a popular Pokemon, Arcanine is a favourite when you ask people what Pokemon they would want to ride. Classed as the ‘Legendary Pokemon’ Arcanine is both beautiful and pretty awesome. For starters it can get you from A to Z pretty quick, making it ideal for a trek to work. Also it has an amazing capacity to jump, so traffic wouldn’t be a problem. Also, as I’ve said above, you won’t exactly have any troubles with this fiery pal at your side! Also both Growlithe and Arcanine seem to be pretty obedient, so it would not only be an awesome ride but also your new best friend. Perfect for house defense!

5. Lugia

Rideable Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y

Lugia is one of my favorite Legendary Pokemon, both because of its design and also because of the second movie. Simply flapping it’s wings can cause a 40-day storm (probably not good if you’re very religious or named Noah!) While Lugia can use both Surf and Fly, it’s still one of the Pokemon I would most like to ride. You wouldn’t be late, and since it sleeps under the ocean in a trench it would be the perfect excuse to move by the ocean! Also going on holiday would be a breeze with this. Granted, it might be a little bit much for simply walking around town faster, but it depends how quick you want to get somewhere really.

6. Rapidash

Rideable Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y

Another favorite, Rapidash would make a great mount Pokemon. For starters, horses are great to ride, and Rapidash are both fast and beautiful. The only thing you need to remember is that Rapidash will burn people they don’t trust, so make sure to create a bond with your fiery ride! (This rideable Pokemon possibly needs a Health and Safety warning, just in case…) It would be pretty easy to get from A to B though, even jumping obstacles!

7. Spoink

Rideable Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y

This might be a little strange for a Pokemon you can ride, especially since Spoink are only 0.7m tall and weigh 30.6kg. However I found this suggestion quite entertaining, especially if the Spoink were mount sized. Imagine bouncing around the world on your very own spring-pig, and when it evolves you’ll have a Grumpig to travel around with as well. It’ll be like having a Pogo Stick! Not only is it adorable to look at, but it’s a pretty good Psychic Pokemon as well, making it a good combat Pokemon as well. Also, imagine the compliments you’ll get!

8. Sawsbuck

Rideable Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y

Sawsbuck, the Season Deer Pokemon, would make a perfect mount. It has a similar design to a horse, meaning it should be pretty comfortable to ride. It’s about the right size to comfortably get around the towns with, and deer are quite springly. Also Sawsbuck is a beautiful Pokemon, changing their look with the passing of the seasons. Granted, they might not be too great for hayfever sufferers, but it would be a pretty and comfortable mount.

9. Kangaskhan

Rideable Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y

How comfy would it be to travel around in a Kangaskhan pouch? My flatmate pointed this out to me while I was working on this list, and it would definitely be travelling with style. While they can charge, Kangaskhan has the potential to be a slow, relaxing ride. You wouldn’t have to worry about falling asleep on a journey, and you can also travel on it’s back or it could even carry you! It might be a little large to get in some buildings, but other than that it would be a fine ride.

10. Arceus

Rideable Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y

Last, but definitely not least, is Arceus. This Alpha Pokemon is said to have emerged from an egg into nothingness, and then shaped the world into everything that we know. Imagine, if this Pokemon can do all this, where could it take you as a mount? Imagine the adventures you could have! Travelling would be easy, it would fit into most buildings and would work well outside, and it would be perfect for defense. Arceus can be every type of Pokemon, so with the right plate you can change it to whatever type you prefer! It would also be a great party conversation topic, and a great bragging right.

So there you have it, 10 Pokemon we would absolutely love to ride in Pokemon X and Y (and in reality, if Pokemon were actually real!) There are so many to choose from, and if I could there would be many more to add to this list. In fact, it would be easier to do a list of ones I wouldn’t like to ride on (there are probably a lot less of those!) You’ve read this list, so what Pokemon do you wish you could ride in Pokemon X and Y, and why?

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  1. vakarian

    I wonder if the game will actually allow you to see the pokemon that you use to fly and surf.

  2. Bonnie

    I would be so satisfied with Pokemon if I can ride a Rapidash on land, a Gyarados in water and a Charizard in the sky!

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