Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diary – Day 6: Time To Build

Dear Diary,

I’ve been a busy mayor of late, there’s lots of stuff that the villagers want me to build but that requires a lot of money. Some of the villagers do donate some money to the projects, but not very much which means a lot of trips to the island for me. It doesn’t take that much effort to make money though, so so far I’ve funded four work projects, a camp site, a lamp, a bridge, a fountain and a fire hydrant.

The camp site is great, we even had our first visitor the other day, but he didn’t stay for long. Oh well, I think our town is full anyway, as recently we had one more villager move in, Ava the chicken – again, not a nasty remark, actually a chicken. I hope the villagers start requesting some more interesting builds soon, as I can’t wait to build a nightclub or something like that.


Speaking of building, Tommy and Timmy’s shop is closing tomorrow for renovations. They must have saved enough money to build an expansion, so exciting! You see, the more you spend at their shop – the bigger it gets. Plus, I now have an upstairs to my house, it’s rather small and dark at the moment so I’ll have to work hard to pay off this latest loan. Damn Nook, taking all my money.

Some of the villagers have been asking me to do some pretty odd favors. Some want fruit, others want to come visit my house, but today I was asked to bury a Time Capsule. I’ll have to wait until Renée tells me to dig it back up again, I wonder what’s inside?


I’ve been researching what town ordinances are. See, as mayor, for 20,000 bells you can change what kind of town you want your town to be. So the beautiful town ordinance means weeds won’t grow, cockroaches won’t appear if you leave your town for a while and more flowers will spawn. The night owl and early bird ordinances mean shops either open earlier or stay open later, plus villagers will be up earlier or later too. The bell boom ordinance means everything you sell to the shops will sell for more than they normally would, which is useful if you need to make money fast, but the buying prices go up too. Currently I’ve invested in the bell boom ordinance, but  I actually think I’d prefer a beautiful town, so I might have to change it back pretty soon.

Until next time,

Mayor Minxy

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