North America League Championship Series Summer Split Week 2 Recap

Week 2 of the North American League Championship Series Summer Split is behind us, and with it came 8 great matches.

(Underline signifies winner)

Day 1 – Thursday 6/20/13

Match 1 – Cloud 9 vs. Counter Logic Gaming

The early jungle invade by CLG set the pace for the entire game.  CLG placed a smart ward in Cloud 9’s jungle brush, and had a numbers advantage in a level 1 fight, resulting in 2 kills for CLG within 2 minutes of the game.  Although Cloud 9 did claw their way back and made the game interesting, CLG handed Cloud 9 their first lost of the season in a 45 minute match.

Match 2 – TSM vs. Velocity eSports

Velocity eSports picked two champions that are not often seen in professional play: Master Yi in the jungle and Lissandra as support.  These unorthodox picks did not faze TSM however.  TSM used their superior team fighting skills to dominate VES throughout the game, and with a kill score of 34-7, TSM easily steamrolled their way to victory.

Match 3 – Vulcun vs. Curse

Vulcun actually managed to take down dragon 4 minutes into the game, giving them an early game advantage.  Combine that with a failed tower dive by Curse in the bottom lane, and Vulcun marched their way forward to a 35 minute win.

Match 4 – Team Coast vs. Dignitas

This game was all about Dignitas’ Scarra and his Zed.  With constant split pushing, Scarra gained a considerable advantage and was the most farmed player in the entire game by far.  Once the team fights started happening, Scarra was too strong at that point, and the late game power of Zed carried Dignitas to a win.


Day 2 – Friday 6/21/13

Match 5 – Cloud 9 vs. Vulcun

The team fighting of Kennen proved to be too much for Vulcun.  Cloud 9’s mid laner Hai utilized Kennen to great effect and propelled his team to victory in a 44 minute game.

Match 6 – TSM vs. Counter Logic Gaming

This 42 minute game was all about the wild finish.  Behind Nien’s ridiculously tanky Malphite, CLG accrued a considerable gold lead throughout the game.  However, a team fight around Baron actually wound up going towards TSM’s favor, with 3 of CLG’s players down to only 1 TSM player down.  But as TSM was recalling to defend their base from super minions, CLG’s mid laner Link and his Twisted Fate turned the cards in his favor by sniping out 2 TSM players through the use of Destiny, TF’s ultimate that allows him to teleport anywhere on the map.  With 4 TSM members down, CLG pushed forward and destroyed the Nexus.

Match 7 – Velocity eSports vs. Team Coast

Team Coast’s top laner ZionSpartan and his Riven was the story of this game.  With two Bloodthirsters, Riven was extremely powerful by the late game, and Team Coast put the beat down onto Velocity eSports.

Match 8 – Curse vs. Team Dignitas

The combined global presence of Karthus and Shen was instrumental in Curse’s victory over Dignitas.  Both Karthus and Shen led Curse in gold, and their late game power was the driving force behind Curse’s win.

Standings after Week 2:

1. Cloud 9 (6-1)

2. TSM (4-3)

3. Vulcun (4-3)

4. CLG (4-3)

5. Team Coast (4-3)

6. Dignitas (3-4)

7. Curse (2-5)

8. Velocity eSports (1-6)