Console War Talk-Around: Settling the Xbox One and Playstation 4 Debate

Whether you like it or not, the buzz surrounding what came out of E3 (and in some cases after that) is still fresh in the minds of every gamer. Of course, the one major question that will be perpetually asked is, Xbox One or Playstation 4? We grab a handful of important people from the site, hunker down and debate semantics, accessibility, conferences, games, everything about both systems and corporations. The debate is a bit lengthy, but we all know you don’t have anything better to do.


Martine Barthelemy
Blake Anglin
Andrew Whipple III
Stephen Basile

In the last 20 minutes, we had an auto-correct volume issue with some of our equipment, so we apologize for the low-volume error. Annoying as that is, the debate was a success as we discovered some very interesting inside information via Steve’s tech side. We were even able to delve into the mind of a self-proclaimed Xbox enthusiast to discover what he thought about the whole debacle. Thanks for listening and please let us know in the comments about how we did! We’re here for you, the glorious followers, after all.

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