Which Do You Prefer: Achievements Or Trophies?

I have recently been faced with a dilemma. When the Xbox One was first announced and still included its DRM, I was set on getting a PlayStation 4, and still am to a certain extent. I plan on getting Sony’s console first, and dusted off my old PSN account to see my atrocious trophy count. No platinums, an amount of golds you could count on half of a hand, and a handful of silver and bronze. I then looked over to my Xbox 360’s achievement list to see the number “36255” staring me in the face. It doesn’t take a genius to compare these two statistics and realize which console I spent the most time with this generation. Upon seeing my laughable trophy count, and after learning that trophies will carry over onto the PS4, I vowed to gain as many trophies as I could in the following months leading up to the PlayStation 4’s release.

After playing through The Last of Us and Guacamelee, I looked at my trophy count again and questioned myself as to which form of acknowledgement I like more, the PlayStation’s trophies, or the Xbox’s achievements. I love seeing a number build up in the corner of my screen every time I earn an achievement on my Xbox, although to the untrained eye, it does not help show how you got those achievements. You would have to go into a player’s profile and see which games they got which points from. There’s always a chance that they only go for the easiest achievements in the easiest games, or they 1000 every game. Trophies, on the other hand, give a faint idea as to how skilled the player is, depending on the types of trophies he/she owns. If the player has a handful of platinum trophies, you know they enjoy getting everything out of a game.

Another thing that I enjoy about trophies is that the sound it uses to notify you that you have gained a trophy is not the same as the noise used when a friend is logging in or out. Perhaps I just haven’t noticed it and that is not true, but I know for a fact that I have mixed up a friend coming online with earning an achievement on more than one occasion, and it is bothersome.

Of course, one of the best things about achievements is that they have been around since the beginning of the generation, while trophies were late to the party. I purchased a PS3 when it came out, and was oblivious to the existence of achievements until I bought an Xbox 360 a few years later, and I was hooked. Once the PS3 finally gained access to trophies, I was disappointed that a lot of the games I had purchased for it did not support trophies, while the same games on the 360 did.

After weighing the pros and cons of both forms of acknowledgment, I have decided that trophies are actually my favored form. I still love and am proud of all of my achievements that I have earned, but I can definitely see myself sticking with the PS4 in order to earn trophies, only using the Xbox One for exclusives.

So, what about you, readers? Which do you prefer, achievements or trophies? Leave an answer in the comments!