Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs Multiplayer Video Leaked

Watch Dogs, Ubisoft’s ambitious open world game for current and next generation platforms has been shrouded in secrecy since the announcement at E3 2012. Only a handful of presentations have been showcasing some of the game’s best features but one part of the game that is completely mysterious is the multiplayer segments of the game.

We have already been told that other players can help you using the second screen features that the next generation consoles use however there has been allusions to things much larger and complex than we have seen. During the demos, occasionally another players name will appear and will attempt to hack the main character. While you can counter hack the person in the demo and stop them from gaining access, the excitement that this potential brings is massive. A video has been leaked which shows one way the multiplayer mode works. It could be one of many features or it could be the only mode that is available.

The video above shows the player being hacked by a separate player somewhere in close proximity. Your task is to find the hacker, creating a line of sight with them so that you can identify them as being a hacker, and eliminate them or get them to run fa enough away from you that they can no longer hack your character’s phone. After the chase in the video, the tables are turned and you must try to hack another player, following them until you are close enough to hack their phone. Once the hack has started, you need to hide for a long enough period of time until you have finished a download which “expands your hacking network.”

There seems to be a large area to play with in the multiplayer, which seems promising. Could the whole city be included? This would be very exciting.

Watch Dogs is being released for PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One and 360, PC and the Wii U.