Square Enix Settles Coporate Restructing and Announces a new Focus on Mobile Games

Square Enix has announced an official shift in focus from AAA games to mobile in the face of yet another leadership change.

The new head of the company Darrell Gallagher, who most of you may know as the head of Crystal Dynamics, is now the head of studios for Square Enix’s North American and European operations.  It’s also interesting to note that he is also going remain at Crystal Dynamics at least for now.  Another shift that was announced is that David Anfossi, who was the executive producer on Deus Ex: Human Revolution, will now be heading Eidos Montreal to oversee development on Thief.  As for Patrick Naud, the head of Square Enix Montreal, he will be working on Hitman related projects.

While the tussle seems to have settled at Square Enix for now, the end result is that the focus of the company as a whole is going to be on mobile games.  The first of which is going to be Deus Ex: The Fall and will be coming out on both mobile and tablet devices sometime this summer.

However the move towards mobile games isn’t anything new when we consider that it’s coming from Square Enix.  Back in 2011, the company announced the creation of a new division called Hippos Lab.  Hippos Lab was created solely to make mobile games though at the time the focus was on smartphones and not tablets. And they also made news again in March of this year when they opened an office in India that would also focus on mobile games.  But there is no reason for AAA fans to panic as Square Enix has given no indication that they would stop development on series like Final Fantasy.

If you think about it the move to a more mobile games focus does make sense in Square Enix’s case.  There little risk and a much higher reward for them.  Their most recent AAA outing, Tomb Raider was dubbed a financial loss for a company that isn’t doing that well monetarily speaking.  Mobile games are cheaper to develop and have a higher rate of financial return for the most part for a company that desperately needs more coin in their coffers.  Hopefully this corporate restructuring and focus on mobile platforms will work out in Square Enix’s favor.


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