Pilot Brothers 2 Shows the Best and Worst of Point & Click Adventure

As the title implies, G5 Games’ Pilot Brothers 2 is the second game of the Pilot Brothers point & click adventure series. This new adventure involves someone who has kidnapped the Pilot Brothers’ pet cat Arsenic and plans to serve it up with French fries as haute cuisine. Controlling the titular Pilot Brothers, your task is to point & click your way through bizarre puzzles set in a Russian cartoon world.

I personally love point & click adventures and the way weave an imaginative story with some unique puzzles. And Pilot Brothers 2 is certainly imaginative and unique–even for a sequel.  Finding out which objects go where and seeing the Rube Goldberg-style solution work is a rewarding experience as I congratulate myself on how clever I am while seeing the wacky story proceed. Pilot Brothers 2 certainly captures these best elements of the point & click adventure.

But the flip side of the coin shows the worst aspects of point & click adventure. Puzzles are solved based on the logic of the game developer. And “logic” happens to be a four-letter word in a Russian cartoony world. It takes a very roundabout route to get anything done and it usually takes a huge appreciation of Russian cartoons, counter-intuitive thinking, and some shots of vodka to figure out what to do.

Or you can just look at the hints and enclosed video guide. But I feel that using them is a sign of weakness and a loss of childlike imagination.

Additionally, my tiny iPhone screen makes control rather difficult. Characters often go the wrong location or will interact with the air next to the object I want them to pick up. The iPad’s screen should counteract that issue.

But in the end, I actually had fun and laughed at the misadventures of the Pilot Brothers as they toured the city. So if you want something that is presented in a unique style and can forgive some frustrations, Pilot Brothers 2 can fit the bill.

Available on iPhone and iPad.