Outlast is Coming at the End of Summer on PC

Outlast, by developer Red Barrels has quickly become a popular topic amongst survival horror fans.  The frightening trailer has captured the imagination of many a gamer and has become a highly anticipated release for PC fans.

Leviathyn sat down with Phillipe Morin to talk about the exciting trailer and what players could expect from Outlast.

He went on to explain that Outlast would be very linear in gameplay and that a good majority would require critical problem solving under the wire in puzzle hubs.  So if you’re not into puzzles then this might not be the game for you.

From what we know thus far, Outlast has players step into the shoes of journalist Miles Upshur who has of course decided to follow a story into a place where no rational human being would be in.  His insatiable curiosity has him trapped while being chased down by abominations, but this isn’t your everyman story.  Because  fighting enemies isn’t a major part of the gameplay.  Miles is essentially that teenage girl who is better off running away from the bad things and not confronting them.

“If you give a weapon/tool to players, they will automatically think they can use it against the enemy and therefore they will become proactive.  So instead of running away, they will try to “attack”.  We didn’t want players to be able to rely on that instinct.”

That’s right in Outlast you are not the plucky Nancy to the game’s Freddy, no you’re Johnny Depp and will more than likely die a horrible death.  And when you do, you’ll have some fun altered scenarios after you respawn.  Those scenarios aren’t completely random but it’s a chance for a slightly different experience.If you die, you’ll have to deal with altered scenarios after you respawn.

So after waiting for more information, Red Barrels has finally given PC survival horror fans some great news after some slight miscommunications.  First Outlast is not a PS4 exclusive title, second the PC version will be released at the end of this summer, and third the PS4 release will hit your hands in early 2014.  As of right now, Outlast promises to be a truly horrifying experience.  Let’s just hope it lives up to the fearsome reputation.