Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diary – Day 5: Summer Solstice

Dear diary,

Today is the first day of summer, AKA the Summer Solstice. This means the day will be longer, so the sun will be out pretty much all day, which gives me a lot more time to get stuff done. Isabelle is out celebrating today, make sure you go and see her, she’ll give you a free gift. I got some sunglasses but I didn’t like them much. Don’t tell her though, I don’t want to hurt her feelings.

We’ve had a lot of new visitors to our town recently, and yesterday the garden shop opened so now I can buy flowers and trees from the adorable Leif. Sahara also paid us a visit, and for 3000 bells she redecorated my houses’ wallpaper and carpet. Sadly I don’t think she did a very good job as it wasn’t to my taste. But oh well, sometimes it’s fun to take a gamble. Today we have Phineas the badge man visiting, and I’m pleased to tell you he gave me a fishing badge because I’ve filled in over 50% of the fish section of my encyclopedia. I sure do love fishing, and it’s nice to know you can earn a ton of different badges for achieving different things, which I can show off to my friends. Last but not least, we have yet another resident moving in. Surely Volantis is going to be full soon?

summer solistice

Last night I did a bunch of tours at Tortimer’s Island and saved up enough medals for a Tortimer Club membership. This means I can now visit the island with people from all around the world, even who I’m not friends with. This is a chance to meet some really cool people, so if you don’t like playing alone and don’t know many other mayors, I’d recommending saving up the 50 medals to buy a membership. Also whilst I was on the island last night, I caught so many different types of shark, including the huge whale shark! Sharks can be hard to catch, but if you listen out for the fish biting, it should make it much easier to catch them.

A friend I met on the island today gave me a good tip: you can make yourself a lot of bells by catching those huge beetles that sit on the trunk of the trees. To make more of those appear on Tortimer’s Island, clear the big grassy area in the middle, take out the flowers, cut down the trees and dig up the stumps and bushes. This stops other types of bugs appearing,and  now you can look out for beetles appearing on the coconut/bananas trees around the edge of the island, because since other bugs aren’t around, they’re more likely to appear now. Remember to sneak up on these beetles by holding A when approaching any insect that’s easily scared away.


I hope that information helps some of you fellow mayors. Now, go and enjoy the Summer Solstice.

Mayor Minxy