Leviathyn Minute June 20th 2013 – XCOM Coming to iPad

Good evening everyone, today is Thursday June 20th 2013 and here is your Leviathyn Minute.
Xcom has been ported to the iPad. XCOM: Enemy Unknown was announced back in march to be releasing on the ipad, the launch of the game will happen today at midnight. If you’re wondering how the game will compare to the pc edition, the game is 3.2 gigs in size and only the graphics have been scaled down. The game play is still intact. The game will cost $19.99 on the AppStore.

Zynga has acquired Spooky Cool Labs to help boost its social Casino genre. The 40-person, Chicago based company was acquired today by Zynga for its real money making games, the deal includes the license rights for a wizard of oz game. No mention on how much the company was acquired for.

EA has confirmed that even with the changes to the Xbox One, they will not be bringing back Online Pass. Online Pass will not be in any new games and is being removed from all old games. Online Pass was a service which would require gamers who purchased a title second hand to dish out more money to buy a new, unused code from the publisher directly in order to play said game online.

Nintendo wins challenge over the Wii Fit board patent debate. The suit, filled by IA Labs claimed that the fit board infringed on their patent dealing with a rowing machine-style apparatus. The courts today ruled in Nintendo’s favor and has forced IA Labs to pay the legal fees for the case, which stands at 236,000 dollars.

There is a new sonic game and it’s out for the PC. Sonic After the Sequel, which is a sequel to Sonic Before the Sequel. The games are produced by the same person and has their own stories and sound tracks. You can play the game either as sonic or tails. Visit the show notes for the link.


Tweets from the official account Hotline Miami says the game will be released for the PlayStation 3 and Vita next week.
Nvidia Shield is expected to be released June 27th and at 299. The portable console which was originally priced at 349 will be reduced to 299, customers who placed pre-orders will be refunded the amount.


Twitter acquires local discovery engine Spindle yesterday. Spindle, which was started by Microsoft search engineers, was a mobile app for giving you a local search feature from the data it gathered from your device. The app sadly, which was acquired for an undisclosed amount, will be shut down following the deal.

LinkedIn was hacked yesterday, the DNS hijack was re-routing all traffic including users cookies for over an hour to a shady site in India. Because the site doesn’t use SSL, it is advised to change your password.

Yahoo has officially closed the deal with Tumblr, acquiring the blogging network for 1.1 billion. Yahoo CEO Marisa Mayer stated that they would keep Yahoo and Tumblr separate and would leave David Karp at the helm.

Facebook has announced today its own version of Twitter’s Vine called Cinema for instagram.