Rumor: Microsoft to Reverse The Xbox One’s Always Online and DRM Policies

Microsoft has received heat and hatred on all directions after the company revealed its always online and DRM policies for the Xbox One.  And after Sony’s E3 2013 press conference, where it was revealed that the PS4 would have no such restrictions, it seemed that Sony had won the hearts and minds of the gaming world.  But today, multiple outlets have reported that Microsoft has decided to rescind all of its online policies for the Xbox One in wake of the fallout that has ensued after E3.

Reports of this reversal has been popping up sites like NeoGaf, as well as from reporter Patrick Klepek from GiantBomb.  To put it simply, here are things that Microsoft is doing away with in regards to the online policies of the Xbox One.

– The console does not always have to be online

– The 24 hour online check is gone

– No region locks

– Trading, selling, and sharing games will work as it did with the Xbox 360

– An Internet connection is only required when setting up the console

Microsoft has not yet commented or verified any of this.


Even with the amount of venom that has been spewed towards Microsoft about its policies, I’m still somewhat shocked about this reversal, if it turns out to be true.  Throughout E3, Microsoft executives seemed adamant in its stance, but after Sony released this video practically insulting Microsoft to its face, maybe Microsoft was forced its hand.  This turn of face may perhaps regain some of the good will Microsoft lost with the public.  It’s better late than never I suppose.

UPDATE: Microsoft has officially confirmed this change on its Xbox website.