Leviathyn Minute Morning Commute – June 18th, 2013


Good morning everyone, I’m Stephen Basile and today is Wedsnesday, June 19th, 2013 and here is your morning Leviathyn Minute

An advertisement appearing in UK publication The Sun says the PlayStation 4 launches on November 21. No confirmation from Sony.

The Sims 4 is confirmed to make an appearence at Gamescom. Maxis and EA have confirmed that the next version of The Sims will be taking the stage at Gamescom on August 21st.

EA has released a new trailer for The Sims 3 Island Paradise expansion pack, which is headed for the PC soon.

Nintendo has released a new software update for the 3DS. Version 6.0 will now allow North american owners access to save backup data and new features for the 3DS camera app. You can now transfer your backup save data to the SD card. The transfer allows up to 30 titles.

A new firmware update for the PS Vita is coming soon, version 4.45. The next update will add Trophy notification options as well as enhanced system stability.

Firmware for the PS3 is also out, but issues surrounding the update via the forums suggests you might want to wait this one out. Many PS3 owners are complaining that the new update bricks thier console. Some suggest this relates to PS3 owners with 750GB and 1TB drives.

Sega has posted a new teaser site called Project 575. The page contains a video featuring two female silhouettes engaged in conversation. You can visit the site at project575.jp

WAKFU’s Haven Worlds update has been postponed. The update is set back a week due to feedback over improving a few gameplay details.

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