Leviathyn Minute June 19th, 2013 – Microsoft Reverses DRM and Used Games Policy


Good evening everyone, I’m Stephen Basile and today is Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 and here is your leviathyn minute.
Breaking News Today, Microsoft has announced that it will be removing the always online authentication and used DRM games policy. The announcement, which just broke minutes ago, includes the following:
Onine Policy: The Xbox One is removing a majority of its online DRM, including the 24-hour check in requirement and console region locking. An internet connection will still be required to setup a console.
Disk-Based Ownership: All disc-based games will run as they do on the Xbox 360, that is they run from the disc and not a digital account. No restrictions will be implemented on traded or loaned games. No online authentication is required, including for downloaded games which will function both online and offline.

Gamestop has ceased taking pre-orders for the Xbox one claiming that they have tapped out of stock. The company says they are still taking orders online, but many retail stores have stopped taking orders.

Rayman legends was delayed on the Wii u due to the fear of low sales. Ubisoft’s CEO believed the low sales of the Wii U would effect sales of Rayman legends in an interview with Venturebeat. Rayman Legends will launch this fall for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

Steam’s weekly sales include: Quantum Conundrum. Quantum Conundrum is on sale for $4.50 until June 24th this week. Anodyne, a 16-bit adventure game is also discounted to $5.
Alien Breed Impact, an expanded version of Alien Breed Evolution, is $5 for this promotion; physics-based puzzler Obulis is down to $1.25 and manic side-scrolling shooter Ares: Extinction Agenda is $2.50.

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