A New Playstation 3 Firmware Update Is Locking Some Consoles Up

A new update for the Playstation 3 is apparently causing some consoles to become as useful as bricks, according to unhappy gamers on the official Playstation forum.

Update 4.45 is turning some consoles into bricks and locking their owners out completely. Currently it seems to be casting issues such as:

  • User JadeTreeInWind reported that her PS3 goes to the flowing ribbon screen and then seems to crash. Pressing the power button doesn’t turn off the console, which has to be unplugged to actually turn it off.
  • User DieBarneyDie reported that their PS3 won’t leave the Welcome screen and continues showing the wave and sparkles.

Most users seem to report that the update causes Playstation 3 consoles to crash when getting to the loading screens, and the forum currently has over 70 pages of upset fans. The new update was meant to allow you to disable trophies during gameplay along with other minor changes and updates. Reports on the thread have suggested that Playstation 3’s over 500GB have been affected by the error, both the Slim and original versions.

While Sony haven’t issued any official statements yet, it does appear that they are rolling the earlier bug-free 4.41 version out as current in the System Update now, so you should be able to get your system back to working order. If anything else develops with this we will update and let you know, but in the meantime I would hold off updating your console.

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