The Division Takes Leviathyn’s Best Game of E3 Award

Now that the dust is finally settling around the madness that is E3, we in the gaming community find ourselves looking back at the announcements and thinking of how badly we want to get our hands on some of the games shown at the conferences and on the show floor.

And while there were a bevvy of announcements that got us all going, it was Tom Clancy’s The Division that ultimately wowed the majority of staff members here, taking top honors as our Best Game of E3.

(Note: This was selected based on games that were actually demoed at E3, not just announced or shown in a trailer.)

You’ll famously remember that The Division was the last game shown at the Ubisoft press conference in a classic “One more thing…” reveal that caught even the host of the conference off-guard. With a Watch Dogs-like opening, the reveal trailer showed that the game’s premise centered on a pandemic spreading throughout the United States from a virus living on the surface of paper money. See the reveal trailer below:

While it might sound like one on the surface, The Division doesn’t appear to be yet another zombie game. Rather, the gameplay we saw was based on encounters between survivors in a post-pandemic world. Impressive visuals, interesting UI design, tablet integration, and seamless player vs. player encounters all worked together to create a trailer and gameplay reveal that hit all the right spots for us, making it Leviathyn’s best game of show.

And while we all love us some of The Division, here are a few other honorable mentions that were tossed around when the voting went down for Best Game of E3:


Respawn’s Mech-based shooter promised some fast and frenetic gameplay that looked to be part-Mirror’s Edge and part Hawken, making it an all awesome combination we can’t wait to get our hands on. While many might be quick to write it off as just another shooter shown at the conferences, we’re thinking this might be one of the stronger games to be released at the start of the new console generation.


If there’s one developer we can trust to make a great game, it’s Bungie. The original Halo developer made this all the more clear with their impressive demo at the Sony press conference that finally showed us a long-awaited first look at the game Destiny. Mixing elements of Borderlands and MMOs, the game is nothing if not ambitious and promising. Which, you know, is an awesome combination.

What was your pick for Best Game of E3? Tell us in the comments below!