“SONY WINS” Say Thousands Of Angry Comments On Xbox’s Facebook Page

If there was ever any doubt that gamers hate Microsoft right now, a visit to Xbox’s Facebook page will soon clear that up. For every post that Xbox makes, more abusive comments and middle fingers are left.

This back lash is due to Microsoft’s policies for the new Xbox One. Gamers, understandably, hate the idea of having to check in online every 24 hours and not having complete control over trading in used games and loaning games to friends. To make matters worse, Sony recently announced at their E3 conference that the PS4 will have none of these restrictions, and their console will be cheaper than the Xbox One. When Microsoft was asked via Twitter how to play Xbox One when on holiday or traveling, Microsoft simply suggested they used an Xbox 360. Is there any point in buying an Xbox One? Microsoft doesn’t seem to think so.

It’s been one bad PR move after another for Microsoft, and now gamers are fighting back. Facebook users are leaving thousands of angry comments on Xbox’s fan page, most of these comments feature dual middle fingers with the phrase “SONY WINS” underneath. Over 11,000 people have left comments on Xbox’s cover photo, very few of those are positive words towards Microsoft.

It’s staggering just how many people are angry at the Xbox One, but despite this, Microsoft have said they aren’t going to change their policies any time soon. This could be a bad move for them, as it seems pretty clear they’re going to lose out to Sony when it comes to the next-gen console releases this holiday season. Sony are currently beating them in terms of price, consumer happiness and in how they’re handling the PR.

Perhaps it’s time for Microsoft to listen to what their customers want, otherwise they won’t be selling many consoles come Christmas.