Pokemon X and Y

Rumor: More Pokemon X and Y Rumors Appear After E3’s Events

Once again there have been more rumors released on the Internet surrounding Pokemon X and Y, and this lot seem to have spawned from the recent E3 announcements. At the moment these are simply rumors, so remember to take them all with another grain of salt (not literally though!) and, as always, it’s not guaranteed unless it’s confirmed by Game Freak or Nintendo. As soon as any of these new rumors are confirmed, we’ll update this article and you’ll know about it!

These rumors appear to have emerged from the world of 4chan, from someone who claims to “know a guy” who works as a marketing supervisor. You may probably know 4chan’s reputation, but sometimes the best of rumors and facts can come from the most unlikely of places! Anyway let’s have a look at the newest ‘information’ for Pokemon X and Y:

  • A new Pokemon called ‘Elvany’, a Flying/Fairy, will be “revealed soon”. This will be the second new Fairy type Pokemon, and Elvany will also apparently be used by the second gym leader.
  • As mentioned above, the second gym leader is apparently called “Kale”, with blonde hair and “an androgyne style”. He (I presume it’s a he anyway) will use Fairy types, which would make for an interesting second gym. Better hope you don’t have any Dragon Pokemon at this point!
  • “Tame Park”, a new feature/place, will allow you to deposit up to 3 Pokemon for one day, and trade PokeTokens to raise EV’s. This would be great if it were true, simply because it makes it a little easier for anyone who wants to specifically EV train their Pokemon. Couple this with the fact that EV’s and IV’s will be made more visible, and I think more people will start training their Pokemon this way.
  • Dunsparce, Mawhile, Stantler and Sableye will all get new evolutions. Ok, so far we’ve already heard a rumor that there will be an evolution of Sableye (an image suggested it might be happening on the movie poster, as covered in our previous article) so it’s not really a surprise that people are suspecting other evolutions. However, again, nothing is confirmed.
  • Two boys, “Tofune” and “Mika”, will challenge the player throughout the game; one with long hair, another with spikes and a purple striped shirt. They seem to be connected to the plot. This one sounds a little too specific to be true really, but it would fit with the rumor of having two rivals, one that is more friendly than the other.
  • Pangoro does exist, with a punk hairstyle and green fur ‘gloves’. A new ability that Pangoro has allows the player to steal items during battle and is called “Vandal Heart”. The design of the evolution sounds a little funky to me, but there have been some really weird Pokemon in the past (yes that’s right, I’m looking at you Stunfisk!)

Pokemon X and Y

  • Skrelp evolves into Weedra, and it’s type doesn’t change from Poison/Water. It also learns the moves Signal Beam and Belch. This could be interesting, but I’m always a little skeptical around evolutions. Sometimes people make them just too good to be true!

Pokemon X and Y

  • Clauncher will evolve TWICE, and into a Water/Electric type Pokemon with a new move called ‘Blister Blast’. This move is super effective to flying types as well as fire, rock and ground. A water/electric Pokemon would be pretty awesome, but again I’m always dubious with evolutions. We will have to patiently wait and see what is said about these rumors.

So there you have it, the newest bunch of rumors to be making their way around the Internet. Some do seem to tie in with existing rumors and confirmed points, whereas some do seem a little too crazy to be in Pokemon. The only thing that kills me is waiting to find out if they’re true or not (generally the really awesome ones tend to be false as well, which makes me sad). What do you think about the new rumors, could some of them be plausible? All I can say is ‘Hurry up release date! I want this game already!’.