Leviathyn Minute – June 18th, 2013


Today is Tuesday, June 18th 2013 and here is your Leviathyn Minute.

Xbox Live Marketplace has Popcap games 50 percent off this week, the deal ends on june 24th.

Starting today in Europe and Japan, Nintendo’s StreetPass games now cost money. Besides the issue regarding reboots
when the app loads, the new updated version now has paid games.

Call of Duty: Ghosts development has been slowed due to not receiving the finalized versions of the PS4 and Xbox One.

Phantasy Star Online 2 is delayed yet again from showing itself in the west, SEGA has not revealed how long the delay is.
Phantasy Star Online 2: episode 2 comes out in Japan next month

The Navy Times reports issues with the Xbox One and connectivity. The Navy Times reports that the Xbox One will be a
“showstopper” for those serving due to the need to reconnect every 24 hours.

Good Ole Games has started its summer sale with Tourchlight being free and Alan Wake 90% off. The deal for Tourchlight ends on June 20th. Visit gog.com for more information.
And thats end our leviathyn minute, for more news, reviews, previews, and more, visit leviathyn.com